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Self espressionists find a new tool at the web, it is called Publicons, and it helps you to configure your private unit of this fancy small icons:


Only question is now, whether this fancy idea is pretty useless or a must have on every homepage and in every messageboard. I think it might be indeed quite nice to express some of your likings in your profile - but everything starting from your brand of computer to your political party?

Anyway, I like the small fancy icons :-) We will see how this trend develops.

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  1. Life Buttons

    Via kann man sein "Ich" hübsch in Buttons verpacken lassen. Auch eine Möglichkeit etwas Farbe in den grauen Alltag zu bringen. Im Liegen Im Stehen Lite version found via

  2. Publicons reloaded

    OK I already announced that I did something, which can be regarded as a classic „I should do something useful, so I better do something “useless””. At least for the focus, which should be writing a paper and prepare for an exam. So I used my time last w


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  1. BrotZapfen says:

    *[img=,4,120,179,88,91, 243,249,187,248,200,244,173,236,193,45,211,66,77,176,128,28,13,16,114,148,81,264,279,262_1.png][/img]
    so schauts dann bei mir aus...aber ich krieg irgendwie net alles rein -.-

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