An Arcor-odyssey?

Today has been the day. Our ordered DSL-connection was to be activated. At around 8:30am a technician of T-Com visited our apartment to get the connection switched. Since we have more than one socket, it took him a while to figure out which one was the master and to get it switched. But after some 45 minutes he had the line activated! Afterwards I immediately wanted to configure the modem to get a data connection. Unluckily we couldn’t find the account data. Arcor didn’t provide this data yet, or it has been lost somewhere in the mail.. Well, I had to hurry for a seminar at the university and Juliane said she would figure out our Login data by inquiring at the Arcor-Hotline. After returning from the university I immediately gave it a try to get the whole thing running with the account data Juliane got from the hotline, but we couldn’t get it working (had some fun with WLAN connection problems, too…) I contacted my friend Chrisi, and his advice was to talk to the Arcor hotline again. This time Juliane got (talking to an automated machine this time) the same login name, but a completely different password. But the second password refused to work, too . I even checked all connection settings with my brother, who is also customer of Arcor, and uses the same Router/modem. All succeeding tries to talk to a person of the Arcor support service failed.

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