Questionnaire 2005

Sabine had a stick to throw around by posting her personal questionnaire, and although I’m not a friend of those self-projections I will use it to reflect a little on the last year. See also the (German) questionnairs of Sabine and Nils.

  • Gained or lost weight? – Neither (Although I gained some 2kg being in Malaysia, I seem to have lost them again).
  • Hair – shorter or longer?Longer, definitely. Although during the year my cut was quite short.
  • Short-sighted or far-sighted? – Applying to my eyesight everything still seems to be perfect.
  • Spent more or less than 2004? – Malaysia was quite expensive – so I spent more money.
  • Most crazy plan in 2005? – I honestly thought that I’d have a chance in university politics.. but politics are rarely led by pragmatic aspects.. - Guess I'm to pragmatic.
  • Most dangerous undertaking? – From a European point of view many of my undertakings in Malaysia might be regarded as dangerous. But there was one incident when I was driving home from partying in KL, when our driver wasn’t as sober as he should be.. I think this was the only moment when I didn’t feel safe in .my
  • The best Sex? – I won’t comment on that issue in public.
  • Most expensive acquisition? – EOS 350D
  • Most delicious meal? – Hard to say.. I ate so much different delicious things in Malaysia. But there was this duck dinner with plenty of garlic and chilli… I think I’ll put this first.
  • Most impressive book? – Neal Stephenson – The Diamond age. Although I read this book already a few years ago I find it still impressing. It covers a vision of e-learning which is most interesting.
  • Most moving movie? – Actually there are two movies that come into my mind. The first one is War of the Worlds. Although the story is kinda incredible the pictures where really moving. The second one is Sex and Lucia. Dirk recommended that movie to me, and he was right the unclear story is definitely something that keeps you thinking.
  • Best CD? – "Morcheeba - The Antidote"
  • Best Concert? – It was no conventional concert but the Revelation trance party in Port Dickson was a great experience.
  • Spent the most time with...? – People: Dirk, who became a real good friend! Activity: Writing this blog while exploring Malaysia
  • Spent the best time with...? – Germany: Susann; Malaysia: Dirk
  • Dominating feeling in 2005? – Curiosity.
  • Did for the first time in 2005? – Windsurfing.
  • Did again after a long time? – Swimming in the ocean
  • Three things I could very well have done without? The most dangerous undertaking from above, ???, ???
  • Most important thing I wanted to convince somebody of? – Globalisation is unstoppable, and Germany has to move on to compete efficiently.
  • The best present I gave to someone? Probably the Crazy Frog CD I bought in Bangkok and gave to Claudia. It was a real good way to give someone a present.
  • The best present I got from someone? – A tiny espresso cup.
  • Nicest sentence that someone said to me? – Idiomatically translated “You are a great guy.”
  • Nicest sentence I said to someone? – Don't know.
  • 2005 in one word: – full of experience (in German this is really one word)

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  1. Questionnaire 2006

    I had this meme last year, and I thought it might be nice to answer it again. Last year it was dominated by issues during my stay in Malaysia. Guess this year it's a little less extraordinary.Gained or lost weight? – Don't know, don't care - my friends


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