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Jan Yesterday I finally had the pleasure to attend a talk of my friend Jan Schmidt. He was reporting on "social software and the practice and consequences of online based networking". The talk was a real premiere, since Jan was the first speaker at the wiai.community Stammtisch who is not a member of the the faculty of information systems and applied computer science. It didn't take Jan too long to grip the audience with his exciting talk. So it was one of the longest talks we ever had, but the intensive discussion afterwards showed, that this was no problem. I think everybody got a good overview on Jan's current research issues and I found a lot of interesting issues from inside the blogosphere:

Almost forgot to tell you that the pictures I took at this event are already online here.

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  1. Blogging with multimedia content

    At the wiai.community Stammtisch Dr. Jan Schmidt presented some results of his ongoing research on weblogging. One of the results that I can’t get out of my mind is, that only some 3 percent of all bloggers are enhancing there posts with multimedia conten


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