A new year has come!

Once again I celebrated the new year's party with friends in Bamberg. But before I could go for decent partying I faced a challenging task. I had to get a bed for my new room! So I started early to get an overview of available beds at Mömax and Neubert. It didn't take me too long to find a suitable bed (all inclusive bed, slatted frame, mattress for some 120 EUR). But I took the chance and had a look at some sleeping room arrangements at Neubert.. Now I now for what I should earn money later.. Well, anyway. I wanted to get a big bed (140X200) so everything got a little bulky. But the problem was of course the length of about 2 meters. Since I only have a trunk in my car and no chance to turn down backseats it would have been impossible for me to transport the bed in my car. So I had to find someone who would help me out in this issue first. To tell a long story short: In the end wo helped me with his Mercedes A-Series! We now know that goods with a length of slightly more than 2 meters can be transported in that car. At around four o'clock Tim an Markus helped me to put together the bed - which was not as easy as you might think.. But three people who are used to handle information systems shouldn't have problems with some wood and some screws.. It took a little more than an hour to complete the bed - but now I can sleep in my own big bed in Bamberg :-)).

Markus and I had arranged to have the dinner with Michael, Michaels girlfriend Martina and a friend of her's (Julia) at Martinas place. I was the one to prepare the hors d'oeuvre I had bought some fresh seafood and vegies to prepare a Tom Yam Soup. Michael created some tasty collared beef and as desert we had raspberry cream. The cooking was at least as much fun as eating the delicious food. After the dinner we started for the party at the Haas-Säle.

At the cathedralI shot a whole series of images about the party there for the Haas-Saele.de homepage. But I guess I'll also post a few outtakes in my image gallery. The party at the Haas-Säle was hot as ever and I met a lot of friends from the university there. At ten past midnight we met with some friends who didn't make it into the Haas-Säle at the cathedral and celebrated the changing of the years there.

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