CP-Tower @ Google Earth

Today I installed a new version of Google Earth, and this time I was able to discover some familiar buildings in Malaysia. Not only the office building, where I used to work in PJ can now be found, even the swimming pool of my former condominum can be spotted. Very impressive!!

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  1. Hardi says:

    *Well Jürgen... for me, that picture also brings back some old memory too....

    The building cannot be seen clearly from above... But PDamansara 1 and 2, the place we use to eat... the street where Dirk used to enter to park his car...

    Well I miss MY....


  2. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *Well, and a few blocks away you can see my old Condo. The swimming pool is clearly recognizable from above :-)



  3. PPA says:

    *Well guys, I seriously miss you heaps. When are you guys coming back????
    I've started work in flextronics already. Life's boring without you guys around.

  4. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *Hi PPA!!!

    Great to see you around. I really miss Malaysia.. so i'm already thinking about at least spending some holiday there for the time beeing. But I'll have to cancel my skiing trip in april to have the money.. Don't know how that will work out. I'll get back to you on that issue in some future blog posting. In the meanwhile I can only offer to share some of my adventures which will be posted on my site..



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