Finally - caugt a cold :(

I though it would happen far earlier. Arriving from a climate with 30°C at night to one which has temperatures around the freezing point, isn't that nice. Especially if you consider yourself a "child of the sun".. I really like the sun. So it was fun at the weekend to got for a Team-building event, while the sun was shining very nicely. But I fear a little sweating at this occasion, and light clothes brought me to the status, where I'm right now.. Somewhere between getting and having a cold. My body is still trying to resist. But I think this won't last too long. Especially putting under regard, that I have to be on the (party)road tonight. My student community has its own event, were strong beer is served, starting traditionally from 6pm, and later people of my course of studies af a party at a club in the city.. Of course I had to promise, that I will visit both events. Well, we will see, how I feel about this tonight..


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  1. Online Wong PoKér Hu says:

    *If you like you're going to have a cold soon, you might as well rest. These colds tend to become worse if you force your body to do stressful activities. You should just rest.

  2. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *Well, it worked for me without resting.. Finally this approach was succesful. I only had a little trouble with some fever attacks for two days but then my body decided to resist. No coughing and sniffeling this time :-)

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