Journey Back

Initially I planned to write a longer text for my Blog on the plane – some 12 hours should be enough to get into decent writing. But If you put into regard, that this “working time” would have been in the middle of the night for me, you’ll come to the same conclusion I reached: not a good idea. So I rather enjoyed the late supper and watched the Fantastic Four, and got to sleep afterwards. Thanks to the fantastic Personal of MAS I had almost 3 seats for myself. So I had the chance to stretch out while sleeping, and managed to get a six hours nap. I woke up 5 minutes before the cabin lights went back on again, and later breakfast was served. We arrived some 10 minutes after schedule at the airport, so I could forget about catching the 6:50 train to Bamberg. The German customs also had my luggage controlled, was quite some fun to close my suitcase again afterwards. But they didn’t find anything suspicious, so I could continue my journey home after about 5 minutes of spot checking through my luggage. At least I had the time now to wait for 20 minutes at the Deutsche Bahn Travel center, where the crowd of people was just to overwhelming for some four clerks (actually there were five of them, but one had to take over a supervising role, even slowing down the process some more...). But at the end I got my ticket for the second connection mentioned before to Bamberg. Quite a strange feeling to spend 39 EUR to get home.. But guess I’ll have that problem even more often the next days/weeks. Now the sun shines on my sitting in one of the cabin of the EC to Würzburg (Hope the train will be at least on time, and I don’t have to hurry through the railway station with my heavy luggage). I experienced the sunset while the train stopped at Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof. Sitting in the cabin the sun felt really warming, but the outside temperature while arriving was around 4°C.. some 25 degrees less than in KL.. I will have to get used that again, too.


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  1. Angie says:

    *glad to hear you had a fun journey home... Do continue writing this blog! :-)

  2. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *It will be a pleasure for me to continue blogging in englisch. For the next weeks continuing here and to talk about my re-integration is a must anyway. Later I'm still hoping to setup my multi-lingual Blog about life in BA :-)



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