2 hours to departure!

Thx to my friends Sven, Christian and Ben I was brought to the airport savely (after having some nixe duck for dinner) and now I'm sitting at the international (satelite) terminal of KLIA, using *bux wlan there. My passport already bears a big "Kelular" stamp from imigration, so I guess I can consider my stay abroad as almost over now :-(. So only some 2hours to kill until departure and some 12hours flight that separate me from good old germany.

BTW. I checked in one suitcase with 24.4kg - that's what I call a precision landing.. And the problem was that i almost didn't get all the stuff into the suitcase.. But I'm carrying 3 pieces of hand luggage (only because i still have that Sports-club rucksack for Juliane.. So this might be a problem later boarding the plane.. but we will see..


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