Dirk at the Pool(Plz sing the title of this post according to Hoffmann & Hoffmanns "Himbeereis zum Frühstück".) My original plan for Saturday morning was to get up early and go for some breakfast and internet at Starbucks. But this was overthrown by the predecessing evening.. Well it's Dirks farewell weekend, and I could not refuse his wish to go out this Friday evening. So we had a few starting beers and three episodes of 24 after work, and then headed for (can’t recall the name of the areas right now) to have a few more beers there.. So I was unable to get up early this morning. So I went up directly before the scheduled Spare part soup lunch.
But sitting here at the pool at the Tiara Damansara condo (that’s the place I’ll be moving over next week) isn’t a bad idea. Actually it is a pretty good place, to get rid of a hangover and get ready for new challenges. Next challenge will be a party at our house this evening, and a visit to Waikiki Bar afterwards.


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