Kuching - Arrival/Day 1

The very first thing we saw arriving yesterday night in Kuching were the renovation works at Kuching International Airport - the whole airport is a mess right now.. After clearing immigrations (Yes, for Sarawak you'll need to fill out a Malaysian immigration form once again - Even arriving from Peninsular Malaysia) we got us a teksi to our hotel (The ride did cost RM 17.50 and took some 20 minutes).

Beeing quite tired after a hard day at work, and Lars still suffering from a cold he got himself in Singapore, we didn't go for to stressy evening entertainment. A walk at the riverside and some beer from the next 7-11 like shop did.

This morning we slept quite Long and after some breakfast at an Indian restaurant we gathered some information at the tourist information and now we are going through our internet correspondence. Later we will go for a river cruise and probably visit the cat museum. In the evening Madlen will join us, and tomorrow a visit to Sarawaks cultural village is planned.


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