Spare Part Soup

LS Malaysia

Generally there is nothing special about spare part soup. – it only consists of so called “spare parts”, which are stomach, intestine or other innards. This may sound a little disgusting for Europeans who usually don’t eat those parts of a chicken, but it tastes real ok. The soup was eaten with rice and a sauce which contained quite an amount of garlic ;-) . I still prefer having some decent meat for a meal, but spare part soup is far from “uneatable”, like some of my German colleagues call it.

UPDATE: Managed to get at least all the pictures of the spare part lunch online. You can visit them here. For the lazy guys: This is the beginning of the lunch, during the meal (have a look at the lovely intestine on that photo), and after the meal.


  1. Public Holiday

    Thursday was a public holiday, so I didn’t have to work. Already at the beginning of the week Ben suggested, that we should meet for lunch and have "spare parts soup". So we decided to meet at the condo here and then go for lunch. Dirk and I wen


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  1. Rex Imperator says:

    *It really depends one's palate. With the advent of burger and chips, many educated, modernised, progressive, semi-westernised and rather confused locals turn their nose up on these kind of lowly, out-dated, basic food. Well i say, <strong>LESS MEN MORE SHARE!!!</strong> :-)

  2. BrotZapfen says:

    *Well go and try if you get a Kaffeeweizen DownTown! =)

    SparePartWhatSoEver sounds like a funny HappyMeal!
    "If you find a brain, you win a free upset stomach and exhaust!"
    Well anyway you can say: "At least it tastes like chicken, but where is my dog?" ;-)

    An Gud'n,
    der Zapfen

  3. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *Think they would already have a problem here to provide some Radler. Although for the high temperatures this might be a good alternative to consume some beer.. So i think i won't try any Kaffeeweizen.. Spare part soup was indeed a funny meal. Even more funny to see the reactions of people, if you tell them "i ate sparepartsoup" ;-)



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