Cheap things in Malaysia

I didn’t forget about Roberts request to get a list with things that are cheap in Malaysia. Unluckily I got to tell all of you that the cheapest things are the one’s that are not portable. So you got to scrap your hopes that I can bring a lot of stuff, which is worth including into my 20kg of free luggage..

  • The first thing that is incredibly cheap is the Malaysian workforce. Have a look at the average wages of people in Malaysia here.
  • Highly subsidized by the government the second thing you can get for a good price here is Petrol. One liter of Unleaded Fuel costs some RM 1.60, which is about 0.35 EUR… I don’t think I have to say anything further..
  • Fake goods / pirated CDs/DVDs - Also quite cheap (although more expensive than in Thailand or China) you can get all kinds of pirated branded articles. So if you want to have a hand-bag with a Gucci logo or a Rolex watch you could get some fakes here. Prices for pirated DVDs range from around RM8 to RM12, and Audio CDs are sold from RM 3 to RM6. Buying DVDs you got to be quite careful, the quality of the recent movies most probably will be a complete mess, and if someone tells you that he is selling DVD9 he will most probably lie..
  • Food is also quite cheap here. You can get really decent meals for less than RM 20. For lunch I usually don't spent more than RM 10 - and some food is really fantastic!
I'll have to leave it, at those Items for the time being. Probably some of my friends and fellow interns here can comment some suggestions on what to add to this list.


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