German Unity Day

German Unity DayCelebrating the German unification at the German embassy in KL. Working for a German Company in Malaysia we are still subjected to Malay and not to German public holidays – so we had to work Monday this week. But at least as a little compensation Fred had arranged that we got an invitation for the official reception to celebrate this event here in KL. Since I was on the road at the weekend I didn’t know from this event until Monday noon. Working at the KLCC I was already near the place to be at the evening – but my business outfit would not have been formal enough. So I had to rush home, get changed and get back into the city. So I finally got a chance to wear my new suit, which I got tailored in Bangkok. Rushing home wasn’t that difficult. I left punctual and took the LRT to Asia Jaya – but from there I couldn’t get a cab to the condo for about 10 minutes. So I was quite late to meet up with the other interns. But getting back into the city was the bigger problem. This rush hour seemed to be even worse than usual. After catching a cab from the road it took us almost an hour to reach the residence of the German ambassador. Luckily there was still plenty of food and drinks and we enjoyed ourselves. Since I managed to involve a few of the Siemens Interns from KLCC it was also a good chance to exchange experience.


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