Outline for future Blog-Project

When I started Blogging the main reason was to do it, to cover my time abroad, and to keep my friends posted about what’s going on in my life in Malaysia. Since this reason will fade away in less then to weeks time I thought about whether to continue blogging in some form, when I’m back in Bamberg, or not. One thing was clear starting this considerations – if I continue blogging I will do this in English. Writing down my thoughts here helped me to improve handling this language very much, and I don’t want to miss this opportunity.

Seeing a Blog as a opportunity to deal with new languages I’ve come up with the following concept:

  • Maintain a Tri-lingual Blog
  • with fellow students in Bamberg
  • having the own “adventures” and the living in Bamberg in its main focus
  • each of the Bloggers has his main language, but is free to use the other languages, too
  • Languages will be German, English and Spanish (ok, making it quad-lingual and include French is another option – but I would mainly like to cover the languages I’m capable to understand)
  • Goal would be to get a minimum of 2 posts / Blogger / week, to make it interesting for visitors to drop by regularly
  • Infrastructure for Blog and a image gallery can be made available by me
As you can see, the idea has already been developed, but the Bloggers are missing. I’ve already got a refusal by a good friend, who I had invited to take over the German part, and finding someone to Blog in Spanish might be quite a challenge.

I’m aware that Blogging in such a Team will necessarily bring together the Members taking party, since we will share the same Blog users reading the Blog. This can become quite a chance, but will require the willingness to work together.

Now there is my question for you – is there anyone reading this post and wanting to participate in the project? The outline above is not fixed, and if you have suggestions I'd be happy to discuss these.


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