How everything started

The chapter of me blogging from Malaysia is over now, and I’m on my way on the plane home to Germany, for you to read I have covered how everything started:
I still remember the day, when everything started for me. It the 22nd of February, which a quite cold day. I collected my stuff for the big information systems conference WI2005 in Bamberg. Collecting my stuff I got a call from Lars, who was up to talk about some recent issues and we got into some talking. While we were talking I went shopping to the real supermarket. Somewhere on the way Lars mentioned obiter dictum that a friend of him was looking for someone doing an internship at Siemens Malaysia. He mentioned, since I know a lot of people working for e.V.. But as I heard "Malaysia" I somehow felt, that this might be an interesting opportunity for ME. A I thought it over the next day, I got more and more convinced, that I should do that. At the weekend I called Sonja Horn and asked here some details about the internship. Since everything sounded nice, I got my application ready until Monday. Only a few days later I got confirmation that I could start my internship almost immediately. Then the whole progress of getting out of my rental contract etc. started. But I got settled almost all of the issues if I put into regard, that until that day I wasn’t even thinking about doing an internship abroad. And if you read about my adventures abroad you know that I don’t regret my decision!


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  1. paule says:

    *willkommen zuhause lieber jay!!!!

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