10th Sysadmin day

Friday, July 31. 2009

Thanks to my dearest admin for helping me to keep this weblog up! I know I can be a little annoying asking for updates all the time, and therefore ask for forgiveness on this day of celebration.

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Dedicated to the one i love

Thursday, July 23. 2009

I'll have this blog post sticky here, until it gets decrypted :-) It is a rather simple cipher. Kandinskyresque you could say. Only that it is not black and white and black and white, but black and red and black and red. Full blubbs now behind the break.

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Golden Classic: River crossing game

Tuesday, July 21. 2009

This attached flash games is a classic river crossing puzzle, since the swf is in some asian language, here are the rules:

  • the raft only carries two people

  • the raft may only be steered by father, mother and police officer

  • the thug mustn't be left alone with a member of the family without the police officer

  • the mother mustn't be alone with one (or two) of the sons without the father

  • the father mustn't be alone with one (or two) of the daughters without the mother

Can you help the crowd to cross the river?

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