Thursday, January 29. 2009

Joined the club.

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diigo - social bookmarking v3.0

Wednesday, January 28. 2009

If you thought just sending your bookmarks to the web and use tags to categorize themwas state of the art, then you are at least living one year in the past! I was until I did a little research today on how to organize bookmarks for our workgroup. Meanwhile bookmarked pages get cached, you may add notes, and share them to your private group. Where? have a look at diigo.com.

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Changing your relationship status may lead to...

Monday, January 26. 2009

You'd better be careful with your relationship status displayed in online communitys: A British woman was killed after changing her status on facebook! Read more here.

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Join Stayfriends!

Thursday, January 22. 2009

As most of you know, I'm working for a new company now: the classmates.com subsidiary Stayfriends! The purpose for this internet community is to reunite with classmates from school. I would like to invite all of my friends, to join the network and become a contact of mine there.

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Free books about Social Media Marketing

Tuesday, January 20. 2009

Just recieved the very interesting link to a collection of free publications covering topics about "Social Media Marketing". Some require registration at different pages, but might be worth the hassle. Any volunteers to download and compile an archive?

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Commuting with the DB

Thursday, January 15. 2009

Some of you might already know that I’ve chosen to commute to my new job in Erlangen using the railway. So this is my fourth day and I’m already kinda frustrated. Yesterday I went out of office without checking the latest schedule (it would have told me that my train of choice would arrive 20 minutes delayed), I will definitely check the schedule the next time, since I at least could have worked this 20 minutes. But then my train wouldn’t arrive at all in a timely fashion, so I had to take a slower train, which had a later initial departure time and some 25 minutes of delay. So I would have been late already 50 minutes (on a journey which takes about half the time). Last but not least my train had to wait for a delayed passing fast train to pass in Forchheim...

I could have made it to Bamberg with less delay by taking another fast train, which departed 10 minutes before the slow train – but with my current ticket I would have had to pay the full price..

Probably such a hassle once in a while is better than the usual daily traffic on the highway to Erlangen, but for the third day it’s more than annoying. Let’s hope there will be an improvement..

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Top20 PS2 games list

Wednesday, January 7. 2009

Just discovered this list containing a list of 20 very good PS2 games. Since I own a PS2 quite interesting. I'm also currently selling some PS2 stuff: The games Singstar Turkish Party, Singstar Deutsch Rock-Pop Vol.2, and an original Sony Memory Card 8MB. The games are only used once, and the Memory Card is still unused games 20 each, card 15, if you are interested, just drop me a line.

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Silvester Party Pictures Online

Wednesday, January 7. 2009

This year, once more, I had the honor to take pictures at the year's end party at the Haas-Säle in Bamberg. Results are online now here. We had quite a nice party, and I'm glad my friend Markus made it to visit us.

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