New Header Picture - Staffelberg

Thursday, September 25. 2008

My non RSS-readers may have already noticed the new header picture: It's a view onto the Staffelberg, taken in the evening sun, with the moon in the picture. Also have a look at my older blog header pictures!

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Notebook memories

Thursday, September 25. 2008

Back in 2001 I had this brilliant idea where to get a new notebook: built to order by the growing pc manufacturer Gericom (as you see I have always had a favor for Austrians..). I chose a quite portable model, the brand new Gericom Genio, which should be available any day at that time. Weighing less than 3kg and equipped with a Pentium 3 mobile with 800Mhz and 256MB of RAM, a 20GB Hdd and a 14,1” Display it was top edge at that time. I was willing to pay over 4000 DM for this computer (far less than a Toshiba or IBM computer would have cost me – but still a lot of money for a computer). But it went as bad as it could – I had to wait 8 weeks and the advertised IrdA and LAN ports were not available. Unluckily I was not wise enough to just send the long awaited computer back. The not connected LAN port should have been enough reason to do this (obviously Gericom did not manage to equip the computer with a suitable mini-networking card). Anyway. After acquiring the missing features via PCMCIA and USB I’ve had my happily ever after with this notebook. At the moment it still rests in one of my book shelves. If you are interested in buying it, I would be happy to offer it to you as a bargain!

So why am I writing about this topic now? I’ll explain in my one of my next posts.

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Vlogeurope inviting Videobloggers to participate

Wednesday, September 24. 2008

Hi everyone -

We're a little under one month out from the 4th Vlog Europe in Budapest on October 18-19, and I'm sending this note out to let you know we'd love for you to come. And if you know of anyone who would be interested in coming, please forward this mail or have them contact me for details. We'd be especially grateful if anyone has any contacts in Hungary.

This year, we've rented out the entire Loft Hostel in Budapest (, and the stay will be free for up to 18 people. We have several who have opted to stay off-site, so there are several slots available in the hostel and things can be kept quite cheap and cheerful for those who need to do so.

Instead of formal sessions this year, we've decided to have a two-day free flow "Vlog-In" in which the participants create the flow and content of the weekend moment by moment. The hostel has large common spaces including a large-screen television for screenings, making this the perfect environment for this style of meetup.

Every year has been heaps of fun, and we're always looking to grow and diversify. Drop me ( ) an e-mail if you have any questions, and consult for the latest news. We look forward to seeing you there.


I will be joining this event. But I think, there is still room for a lot of more participants. If you are interested in information about last years conference feel free to contact me.

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Hot Chip! American chocolate chip cookies.

Saturday, September 20. 2008

Paule’s Weblog has been accused of becoming a site for cooking recipes only. Since I really like reading about her cooking, I want to show some sympathy and do a view articles about cooking and baking, too :-)

In order to make a nice dessert for the summer ending barbecue at paule’s and mac’s place, Doro and me baked some chocolate cookies. In search for a recipe we found this one at We picked it, since the readers comments were really positive about the outcome. We are, too :-)

Today, we’ll have a second go, and I will provide you with pictures later.

Continue reading "Hot Chip! American chocolate chip cookies."

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Kerwa Kerwa Kerwa

Sunday, September 7. 2008

MacLoud on stageYesterday I visited our local festival: the Zeltkerwa in Truppach. The Rock-Cover-Band MacLoud was on stage and I really had some fun there. As result I generated some media coverage of this event. Have a look at my image gallery here, or watch these two YouTube-Videos. There is also a German review at the, and I didn't miss the chance to write about the event on Qype.

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Don't support Game-Killers

Friday, September 5. 2008

Today informed about an interesting campaign initiated by a Bavarian professional journal about computer games. The magazine asks all gamers to write to their local delegates of the CSU (the governing party in Bavaria) that they won’t support their anti-computer games policy and therefore won’t vote for them in the upcoming elections. Politicians of the CSU have continued to ask for further restrictions concerning protection of minors.

I think the political discussion about “Killer games” is very unreasonable. Many of the people discussing never actually played those games. Germany already has the strongest laws for the protection of minors in Europe; I really wouldn’t want to see any more restrictions. So all you Bavarians out there, got to this page, participate, and show our local politicians, what you think!

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Changing blogging habits

Friday, September 5. 2008

No one yet complained about the declining blogging frequency here – but I can’t deny, postings here have become fewer and fewer during the last months. I can see several reasons for this change.

First of all I don’t have a fast internet connection for most of the time. My girlfriend has no DSL and my mobile connection kinda sucks. UMTS comes and goes here. Last week o2 has introduced EDGE here in Bamberg and it is working quite well, but 15-25 kbyte/sec are bad bad bad :-(.

I’m putting content online, but not onto my blog here. My image gallery is still growing with pictures from the most different events, and I’m still taking pictures for But I didn’t take the time to write postings here commenting on those events and linking the pictures. Also instead of putting together travel information, I’ve created articles on Qype commenting on restaurants/hotels/sights there.

And last but not least I just don’t have any boring evenings anymore, where I can’t find a better anything more interesting to do, then to blog.

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