Article about self-projection amongst students in Bamberg in BENF

Monday, February 26. 2007

I took the time today to write a small article about students and their self-projections through pictures on the student-community StudiVZ. Unluckily the language on BENF is German.. To not discriminate my English reader I've at least a small summary here.

Somehow it seems to be en vogue to use "cool" pictures on user profiles or in picture galleries on the student community StudiVZ. In my opinion some of those pictures are really misplaced there. So I'm commenting on the six worst examples hoping, that I might shake someone awake.

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The 79th Academy Awards

Monday, February 26. 2007

The last time I’ve had the chance to watch “the Oscars” live was 10 years ago! Today I’m finally able to repeat this. Unluckily I’m home alone, and the Prosecco has to stay closed due to a lack of a corkscrew, but it still has some flair for me. So I’m sitting here in front of the TV

  • sipping a decent local beer
  • covered by a few blankets
  • enjoying tortilla chips with salsa dip

while the Hollywood honours its best! With Jack black in stage at the moment, the show looks very promising :-)

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German Hip-Hop Classics

Thursday, February 22. 2007

Due to a discussion with a friend via mail, initiated by the reference to the song “The Grosser” (initially performed by Steve Miller Band), which was covered recently by Fatboy Slim as “The Joker” and a few years earlier by Fettes Brot, I started to create a list of must have German Hip-Hop songs.

Since I’ve already mentioned a song by Fettes Brot there is another popular track played by this band from Northern Germany:

more songs from various Bands are:

Any additions?

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Re-settled in in Bamberg

Wednesday, February 21. 2007

It has been a while, since I’ve been using my little scratch file, to create a new blog entry. I was too busy creating text for my diploma thesis, that I’d have enough time and muse to write extensive entries here. But I have got a few creative ideas and I plan to write them down here :-)

You might already have noticed that my blog has a new toy – I added the nifty plazer widget to my sidebar! Now you can trace my current location… Currently you will notice, that I successfully moved in at Katrin’s place at the moment. Since my friend is on holiday in South America for the next 5 weeks, I can use her apartment to spend more time in Bamberg.

After one week here, I managed to settle in here, and almost forgot about the stress of the last weeks. It’s time for an energetic restart. Gotta get my job applications going! Cross your fingers, that I’ll be successful soon.

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New toy – Canon Digital Ixus 850 IS

Wednesday, February 21. 2007

During the last years I shot quite a number of pictures. First I could use cameras from, two years ago, I got myself a DSLR camera to be able to get decent pictures while being abroad. I don’t regret spending so much money for a camera – it is fast and the picture quality is superb. There is only one little disadvantage with this camera- it’s the size: You can’t just put it in your back pocket.

But once you are used in operating a quite advanced camera you don’t want to give up the comforts. So I hesitated quite long before I bought a small digital camera. But then three weeks ago I borrowed the Ixus 800 had acquired. I immediately fell in love with this camera. It is fast and very handy. Sorting through the pictures at home I realized, that the picture quality was quit good. So I came into thinking… I didn’t have the chance to shoot photos at many occasions, because I was too lazy to carry the big DSLR cam. With a small cam I would never have that problem again. So my desire for a small cam grew.

Checking through cam prices, I realized, that the Ixus 800 IS, would cost around 300 EUR and the new Ixus 850 IS model (which is capable of a higher resolution) was available for around 360€. Luckily I noticed, that Amazon is selling stuff, which they get send back from people who don’t like it, for a lower price through their Resterampe-Shop. There I found a new Ixus 850 IS for less than 300 EUR. I couldn’t resist that offer and ordered the cam.

So now I will definitely be able to shoot more pictures ? But I guess I will have to do some restructuring at my image gallery..

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The green man

Monday, February 19. 2007

Those who believe there is no big comedy created in Germany should have a more decent look into our every living rooms! The attached video was created on a neat private birthday party. Have fun watching:

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Monday, February 12. 2007

Finally, I managed to get my hair cut. It was grown far too much over the last weeks. Today after handing in my thesis I took care of this problem. Have a look at the two attached images to get your own impression.

Before After

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Monday, February 12. 2007

Strike! Success! I managed to hand in my thesis a few minutes ago!

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