Bye, Bye, BA :(

Wednesday, January 31. 2007

Moved out of my flat today. Somehow I'm feeling sad now. But thx to Katrin, I'll be spending a few mor weeks in BA starting in two weeks time. So it's not yet a final goodbye.

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Saturday in Davos

Monday, January 29. 2007

Last weekend I was visiting Bianca for her Birthday Party in Switzerland. Unluckily I don't have time to get you a complete writeup of the last weekend - which was really great - but I don't want to keep a video from you I shot searching for an open downhill slope. It was taken at the train station in Davos Platz, where a few protesters against the World Economic Forum had gathered.

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Birthday invitation

Friday, January 26. 2007

On Monday I'll have to chance my about page and state my age as 28. This is the reason why I invited my friends for a drink to the Live Club on Monday. If I forgot you - take this as an invitation. Attached the original invitation text:

Geburtstag feiern, Mo, 29.01. Live Club

Jürgen Hösch ( []

Hallo Zusammen,

am Montag werde ich ein Jahr älter! Leider kann ich dieses Jahr keine so tolle Feier wie die legendären Partys im Studentenwohnheim schmeißen, da ich am 30.1.(!) aus meiner Wohnung in Bamberg ausziehe. Aber keine Angst, ich hab schon noch eine ordentliche Abschiedsparty im April im Hinterkopf ;-)

Auch fehlt mir aufgrund meiner Diplomarbeit ein wenig die zeit um allzu ausgiebig zu feiern. Daher mache ich es kurz und schmerzlos bei einer Gelegenheit, die ihr vielleicht sowieso schon zum feiern Nutzen werdet – dem Montagsschwoof im Live-Club.

Ich würde mich freuen dort gegen 23 Uhr mit Euch auf meinen Geburtstag anstoßen zu können.


@scotti oder paule; sagt doch bitte noch den anderen Bloggern bescheid (Nici, Karl, Martin etc) die ich etz net in der Liste hab. Ich hab gerade die Adressen net parat. Thx

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Blogger meeting

Wednesday, January 24. 2007

Unluckily I don't have much time to write an epic review about the blogger meeting Bee initiated last Friday. But there is attached picture, which I don't want to keep from you. It shows Paule, Bee and the famous "Pimmelhütchen" which was also participating. More participants were: gicha, tonnenkind, Jan and later scotti and Karl.

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Shanadoo - King Kong

Wednesday, January 17. 2007

I really have to admit, that the song this post is about is... well the German expression would be "grenzwertig", which means something like "near limits". It is a cover of the original eurodance song by E-Rotic, which where well known through their very meaningful songs like "Max don't have Sex with your ex" or the follow up "Fred come to bed". Anyway E-Rotic was successful in Japan, too and that might be the reason why the German producer of the Japaneese girls of Shanadoo chose to create a remake of this song.

The song was part of the usual warm-up program at my spine training course. Listening to this song we had to do fast movements with stretched arms. The last lesson of that course did take place last week and I begin to miss it. Guess that's why I searched for that video ;-)

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Nightwish - Start of a new era!

Wednesday, January 17. 2007

In 2005 the Finnish symphonic metal band Nightwish ended an era by abandoning their famous female lead singer Tarja Turunen. This year they will be back with a new singer. I found the following announcement on today:

The auditions for the new vocalist have ended, with more than 2000 demos sent to us. (yesterday, 15.1. we received 120 demos!) A big thanks to everybody! So please don`t send anymore demos, since now we need to concentrate on finishing the album recordings.

The new vocalist will be announced at the end of May, together with the release of a new single.

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Thursday, January 11. 2007

A friend of mine drew my attention to a special offer by today. Visiting there electronics page you can order cheap notebooks at the moment. Have a close look at the screenshot on the right. I guess the offer won't be available for too long on, so I saved it for you. It is a Sony Mini-notebook - one I'd always dreamed of - for some 19 Euros! Unbelievable! (Currently technorati has 19 blogpostings tagged with "amazon" on this issue. Guess by noon the story will be through a lot of more blogs..)

Edit 1:30pm: Meanwhile Amazon has changed the price of the notebook, and the order mysteriously has disappeared out of my order box.

Edit 3:20pm: Got the following statement from Amazon:

Guten Tag,

es gibt Neuigkeiten zu Ihrer aktuellen

Einige Artikel wurden von uns auf der Website irrtuemlich fuer ein Hundertstel des richtigen Preises ausgezeichnet:

"Sony Vaio VGN-TX3HP/W 11.1 Zoll WXGA Notebook"

"Lenovo TS ThinkPad R60 15.1 Zoll SXGA Notebook "

Bitte entschuldigen Sie den Schreibfehler.

Daher haben wir den oder die Titel aus Ihrer Bestellung/Ihren Bestellungen gestrichen:



Wir hoffen auf Ihr Verstdndnis - vielleicht haben Sie sich ja schon selbst |ber die Ungewoehnlichkeit dieses Preises gewundert.

Bitte beachten Sie: Laut unseren AGBs kommt der Kaufvertrag ueber ein Produkt immer erst mit Absenden der Versand-Mail zustande. Hilfsweise erklaeren wir jedoch die Anfechtung wegen Irrtums.

Unsere Website haben wir mittlerweile aktualisiert.

Wir danken fuer Ihr Interesse und bitten noch einmal, unseren Fehler zu entschuldigen.

Bitte antworten Sie nicht auf dieses Schreiben, da die E-Mail-Adresse nur zur Versendung, nicht aber zum Empfang von E-Mails eingerichtet ist.

Freundliche Gruesse


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Wheat Pillow 2.0

Monday, January 8. 2007

Due to problems with my neck during the last days I though it would be a good idea to help my neck a little. So I took an offer from Tchibo and "upgraded my old wheat pillow to the next level. I now own the pictured neck/back electric pad.

Guess it isn't just an upgrade. For many occasions my old traditional wheat pillow will still be better - but i see it as a nice enhancement :-)

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