Questionnaire 2006

Sunday, December 31. 2006

I had this meme last year, and I thought it might be nice to answer it again. Last year it was dominated by issues during my stay in Malaysia. Guess this year it's a little less extraordinary.

  • Gained or lost weight? – Don't know, don't care - my friends still consider me skinny.
  • Hair – shorter or longer?Even longer than last year!
  • Short-sighted or far-sighted? – Applying to my eyesight everything still seems to be perfect.
  • Spent more or less than 2006? – Guess I've spent less than 2005 - but this was not difficult.
  • Most crazy plan in 2006?
    – Carrying out this party.
  • Most dangerous undertaking?Riding down the downhill slope in Laax after more than one beer.
  • The best Sex? – No comment on that issue.
  • Most expensive acquisition? – Didn't buy too much stuff. But the 620GB of external HDD space did cost a few bucks.
  • Most delicious meal?
    – I think I'll put the Sushi Katrin and I cooked for the running dinner!
  • Most impressive book? – Gabor Steingart - Weltkrieg um Wohlstand. Read my review here.
  • Most moving movie?
    – I laughed a lot watching "Thank you for smoking" but "Casino Royal" was definately the most thrilling movie last year.
  • Best CD? – Fußball WM 2006 Kult Hits
  • Best Concert? – I didn't visit many concerts during the last year, Audio1 probably might count as a nice concert - but nothing extraordinary here. But I've watched Depeche Mode's performance at Rock am Ring at the TV - it was great!
  • Spent the most time with...? – Not working on my diploma thesis.
  • Spent the best time with...? – Really hard to answer.. there are several candidate with whom I spent great times during the year. Seen over the whole year I'll put Katrin here.
  • Dominating feeling in 2006? – Optimism.
  • Did for the first time in 2006? – Visited the legendary 1st of May celebration in Ampferbach.
  • Did again after a long time?
  • Three things I could very well have done without? - This, the bad cold I caught in September and this.
  • Most important thing I wanted to convince somebody of? – Sometimes you can only make progress by risking something.
  • The best present I gave to someone? - Time, when there was no time.
  • The best present I got from someone? – Hard to tell, probably one of my readers can add something here.
  • Nicest sentence that someone said to me? – "You are very important for me."
  • Nicest sentence I said to someone? – Don't know.
  • 2006 in one word: – Roller coaster.

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Reasons NOT TO USE Windows Vista

Friday, December 29. 2006

Some friends of mine are already experimenting with Microsoft's new operating system "Vista" since it was available at our universities MSDNAA. The discussion here was quite interesting and I was already thinking about an upgrade. But a recent article of Peter Gutmann (found it through explained to me that the DRM MS uses with the new operating system should not be supported! "Premium content" will be secured by the operating systems under all circumstances and regardless the possible costs...

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High school reunion 2006

Thursday, December 28. 2006

AbitreffenSince I finished high school in 1998 my grade is celebrating a reunion almost every year. This time we met at the 26th of December (which now is the traditional date for this meeting) at the Odeon in Bayreuth. Finding my way to the Odeon I realized how long I hadn't visited Bayreuth. I had to look the location up on a map! The meeting was at 7pm and I was a little late due to a late family dinner, so a lot of old friends were already at the venue. I don't have time to get into the details of the evening but I had a good time, I got an invitation to Siberia, and I might look for job opportunities with SAP.
I hadn't brought my camera in 2005 and somehow was sad, that I had no pictures of this event, so I took the chance to cover this years meeting.

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Musicload vouchers to give away

Thursday, December 28. 2006

Enjoying a view packs of Duplo during the last year I got three vouchers for free songs at Musicload, worth 1,29EUR each. Since I don't need those vouchers I want to give them away to my readers. Anyone interested just needs to tell my by commenting this article and will receive a voucher.

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Walk in the Wood

Wednesday, December 27. 2006

WoodDo you have parents, who get themselves home entertainment products for christmas? I don't. Instead of buying a plasma TV or some Hi-fi equipment my parents got themselves a new strip of forest this year. So one of our family christmas activities was to have a walk through this forest.

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Love Actually

Monday, December 25. 2006

Did I tell you that I like films like Magnolia, Bin ich schön? or Pulp Fiction? Somehow the narrative style with many stories which are related more or less to each other fascinates me. I couldn't find an adequate term to describe this type of film but currently "Love Actually" is running on RTL and - although it is kinda soppy - I like it :-)

I'll write a view words about the story after the movie is over.

Jay's rating (4/5)

Continue reading "Love Actually"

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Merry Christmas

Sunday, December 24. 2006

I'm wishing a Merry Christmas and a few quiet days to all of my readers and friends! I hope you can spend some relaxing days with your family and relatives.

(Photo on the right is taken from

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Alice and Bob

Sunday, December 17. 2006

via Sex Drive Daily from

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