The Wyrd Sisters

Saturday, August 19. 2006

Header pictureAlthough already a few days have past I want to use the chance for some explanations about my current header picture. Most of you (unless you are only following my blog via RSS) should have noticed it. It shows the four witches Granny, Nanny, Magrat and Elda. Three of these witches are the main persons in Terry Prattchet’s book “The Wyrds sisters”. I’ve been to Erlangen to see this play performed by the EDS. Terry Pratchett’s book has been adapted for stage by Stephen Briggs, and the director of the EDS Damian Quinn once more managed to stage a vivid and interesting play! Sabine and Flo joined me to visit Erlangen and wrote about there impressions here and here. I also couldn’t resist to take a few “snapshots”. Although the play took about three hours it was worth every minute and I’m looking forward to visit EDS next performance!

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Sandkerwa. Let’s go for it! Wake-Up Party on Wednesday!

Friday, August 18. 2006

Next week the whole city of Bamberg will be upside down – it will be the time for Bamberg’s biggest funfair (aka Kerwa). Within the 5 days of the festival about 300.000 people will be partying at the heart of Bamberg. A definite must to visit. For everyone who can’t wait to party my friend 3-2-1-Meins and DJ Funboy (who is running the Nelson Lounge) are offering the chance to start partying on day earlier on Wednesday the 23rd!

So don’t miss “Wake-up Party - die Sandkerwa(R) ist da in der NELSON LOUNGE” I'll be glad to meet you at this venue.

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Hoping for sunshine

Wednesday, August 16. 2006

The weather forecast predicts some 28°C for tomorrow and I predict a riot if this won’t come true! It’s just to cold right now? Where is the beautiful summer we had when we celebrated the soccer worldcup? I’m yearning for sunshine and warm weather! So dear sun, please don’t let me down and come back! Once you are back I won’t let you go!

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Monday, August 14. 2006

It’s a very common thing for artists to spice up their old songs with new voices. If this is done professionally, the results can be quite impressive. A very nice example for this is U2’s song “One” – ok the original version is outstanding but now they manage to get R’n’B-Star Mary J Blige to perform this song as a duet with Bono. In my opinion this spices up the song even more.

In contrary to this planned feature for the song it seems that there are unplanned features, too. Especially on festivals, where a lot of musicians meet – they organize such guest performances. ..but.. if there is not enough preparation… well, I found two “accidents” with Nelly Furtado doing a guest performance lately. The first occurred in 2004 while the band “Sportfreunde Stille” performed at the Comet (award show of the German music television channel Viva). Nelly appears on stage in order to sing the Spanish lyrics of the song "Ich roque", but her shrill voice is only distracts the viewer from the original song. The second happened lately in 2006 at the “Rock im Park”-festival. “Reamonn performed their classic song “Supergirl” and Nelly is there, but she hardly hits a note…

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naggerd für den weltfrieden - Bamberger Meme

Sunday, August 13. 2006

I don't have a clue who had the idea for this meme, but somehow we decided that it would be cute to post articles about us from out school-graduation magazines.. Scotti had the guts to start, and I won't be a shy, too - so here you go with the main text of the article (don't want your RSS-readers to run empty) - but don't miss to have a look at the .pdf document!

Am 29.01.1979 erblickte er die Power LED des Lebens. Seine ersten Worte waren Floppy und autoexec.bat und so war seine unbeschwerte Kindheit, die er auf einem Bauernhof in Truppach (Oberfranken/Deutschland) verlebte. Diese periphere Site eigenete aufgrund ihrer exponierten Lage ausgezeichnet für hochsommerliche Wasserschlachten. Bei denen sich mindeseten 10 Leute mit großkalibrigen Super-Soakern ihr Möglichstes taten sich bis auf die Haut zu durchnässen. Danke, daß du den Heuboden für uns geopfert hast - trief...
Aber bereits in diesen Tagen zeichnete sich seine spätere Vorliebe für Computer und Kommunikation ab.
Mit zunehmendem Alter vertiefte er sich weiter in die Philosophie des Computers. Das bisher größte Desaster (für seine Eltern) war und ist der Neuerwerb eines Modems. Trotz der Telefonrechnungen von lim->ex² DM und der Tatsache, dass ihn sein früherer Internet-Provider wegen Verdachts auf kommerzielle Nutzung des Internets (800Mb/Monat) zwangskündigte, sollte man nicht meinen, dass er nur noch der Chat Sucht verfallen sei: "... ich penn' nachmittags, so ab 11 bin ich dann online ...".
Um seinen Realitätsbedarf zu befriedigen geschah es eines Tages, dass unser Jürgen seinen Führerschein ausgehändigt bekam. Sein giftgrüner, fünftürer Corsa (mancher EnglischKüfner - äh - Lehrer fragt sich immer noch wieso es Schüler gibt, die ein neues Auto haben und er nicht). Sollte fortan das Parkverhalten am GMG entscheidend beeinflussen - als begnadeter Autofahrer, ließ er keine Stoßstange unberührt.
Nichts für ungut und viel Spaß bei Deiner Standleitung (äh, zum Internet natürlich), Deinem Informatikstudium und Deinem neuen Internetprovider wünschen Dir:
Markus, Serkan, Andi und all die Anderen die Dich kennen.

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Healthy food

Saturday, August 12. 2006

Today I took the chance to make some healthy food: Salad with button mushrooms, pepper and shrimps (The shrimps got browned in a thai red curry souce) and the whole salad got spiced up with a custom italian dressing and some cheese and onion crisps! Very yummy!

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Saturday, August 12. 2006

It’s a rather unspectacular event, but since I had before and after pictures while being at the haircutters in Malaysia I can very well bother you with such pictures back in Germany, too. Right before the participate party I made it to get my hair cut! My visit at the Live-Club was quite uncomfy since my hair was really long, and it was hot like hell there – so it was a really good decision to get rid of some of it.

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Friday, August 11. 2006

Raimunda lives in Madrid with her daughter Paula and her husband Paco who's always drunk. Her sister Sole is separated and work clandestinely as a hairstylist for women. The two sisters lost their parents in a fire in La Mancha their birth village years ago. In the village remains only their aunt Paula that continue to speak about her sister Irene, mother of the two, like if she is still alive. When the old aunt die the situation change and the past come back (Volver) again, in a twist of mystery and suspense.

I hadn’t made it to watch one of Pedro Almadovar’s movies until yesterday, now I’m somehow delighted of his style of film making. Unusual camera ankles, sometimes strange/funny dialogues (Mother asking her daughter did you ever have such huge boobs? You didn’t have soemthign done to them? Daughter: No, they are that size since I’m born) – lots of stuff you just won’t get watching a mainstream-movie. Katrin and I really enjoyed that movie and had a great time. It runs at the Odeon cinema throughout August – just give it a try – you won’t regret it!

(Jay’s rating 4/5)

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