Sandkerwa – Day 3 – The Funk Bunnys and the sausage story pt. 2

Sunday, August 27. 2006

Bee and PauleUnluckily I can’t yet give you a detailed report on yesterdays events.. This will have to wait until tomorrow. But feel free to have a look at the pictures of the Haas-Säle and on my personal picture until tomorrow!

Edit 29.08. here are the announced stories: One of your fellow bloggers out of Bamberg’s blogosphere was performing being a DJ with the “Funk Bunnies. So we called up for a blogger meeting at the Soda Bar. Many bloggers and friends took the DJ Dr. Jan Schmidtchance to appear there and enjoy the excellent electro funk music there. Unluckily I missed quite a part of the evening since I was on tour at the Haas-Säle to take pictures there. Having an appointment with my “sausage crew” at 1am, I left my blogger friends at this time. Meeting up with Tim, Tanja, Robert, Anna, To, S. and Karsten - and we had our snack consisting of “Krakauer” sausages in front of the Live-Club. It had very well worked – although Robert did almost forget about the bread (but luckily there was a bakery at the Sandstraße..). Guess we won’t forget this picnic that fast.

Searching for a party location we made a short tour through “Schranne 7” passed by the City Café, were annoyed by the music at the Il Centro and ended up drinking some beers and dancing at the Sternla. When the party was almost over there Karsten managed to draw me into the Green Goose to have a good night beer there.. ok.. Green Goose.. no further comment about this..

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Sandkerwa – Day 2 – Taking a stroll at the Kerwa and the sausage story

Saturday, August 26. 2006

KerwaYesterday I started into the Kerwa with Karsten taking a stroll over the Kerwa area. On our stroll we enjoyed a chilled Mahr-U and met a lot of friends. Unluckily I had to take care of my beer and couldn’t take too much pictures. We noticed that the Kerwa seems to start later this year – at around 9pm there were a lot of people on the street – but barely someone inside the many many bars..

PArty at J-newsThis time I had a lot of fun taking pictures at the Haas-Säle (probably because it was much easier for me to ask people for pictures after having a few drinks..). At the Haas-Säle we also had an “old-times-revival” since Robert and To, Tim and me were there. Our evening together ended at Dörte’s place –and enjoying a Krakauer-Sausage there someone had the idea, that we could bring our own sausages the next day. It was decided, that I’d be responsible to get sausages, Robert and Anna would bring bread and Tim has to take care for mustard. So I bought sausages today…

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Sandkerwa – Day 1 – Big Sound Jack and the attacked photographer

Saturday, August 26. 2006

I’ll try to give a short summary and pick on or two things that happened on that evening for my Kerwa-Coverage. You can’t visit the Sandkerwa without seeing Big Sound Jack at the Katzenberg for at least one time. So we (paule, scotti and me) decided to meet up early and have a beer at the Katzenberg. At quarter to six we found ourselves a nice table beyond a parasol (unluckily not in order to protect ourselves from the sun, but from rain…). This had the big disadvantage that the acoustic wasn’t to good there, and it took quite a while to get into a little partying mood. The waiter there was very entertaining – he did have to serve beer to a lot of visitors from abroad, but lacking the necessary English skills it was not easy for him to explain, that there was a 5€ deposit on the beer mugs...

Later I was at the Haas-Säle to take some pictures for their web-page and had to realize that photography can be a tough business. While standing on stage next to the DJ I saw a couple dancing quite interesting, so I took the chance and took a picture of them. The guy realized this and immediately jumped towards the stage in order to attack me. Luckily the wall there shielded me and I could evade by making two steps backward.. The guy was calmed down by some of his friends and then disappeared, but it took my a while to recover from the shock.

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Sandkerwa – Day 0 – The Wake-Up Party

Friday, August 25. 2006

Girls :)Since I will have at least one picture gallery to announce every day (I’m doing the photography stuff for, I will try to give a short review after each of the festival days. As you know we started early this year having a Wake-Up Party at the Nelson Lounge. Since I was there on purpose for the blogger meeting, I started early into the evening –and at 8pm straight we were the first to be at the Nelson Lounge, unluckily DJ Funboy didn’t open before 20minutes past eight – but he honoured our time waiting in front of the venue offering a free welcome liquor for everyone. That was the start into a very entertaining evening. Just have a look at the pictures here. I got the chance to play a few tracks (although some of the guests didn't like them..), we were dancing and dancing and dancing. I also visited the warm up party at the Haas-Säle to take some pictures there, but since there were only a few people there I didn’t spend too much time over there, while most of my friends were partying at the Lounge (after our efforts to promote the party, I had expected a few more - but obviously five days of party are hard enough for many of them.)

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Viral marketing - an approach to promote a student party

Wednesday, August 23. 2006

At our summer partycipate at the Sandstraße there was a really great after hour at the Nelson Lounge.After the event it was clear that it would be a great place for some small but intense parties! So my friend Thomas had the idea for a party there. Unluckily the party team of was not very convinced of celebrating at this venue. But although there was not much support to expect from the idea for a party was born. A “Sandkerwa® Wake-Up-Party”.

The day before the Sandkerwa starts is traditionally a good day to party since the opening restriction at the festival area don’t yet apply (parties are only allowed until 1am during the festival) and everyone can’t expect to party. But how can we promote such a party without too much effort, and without the help of a small teaser on to inform the students?
The plan to do this is quite easy – convince enough opinion leaders to join the party and make them tell there friends. This approach should be sufficient to fill a small party location like the Nelson Lounge. And as we all remember – it worked for the first participate–parties, too. The approach five years ago was different:

  • There were flyers (at least basic ones) to promote the event.
  • It took place during the semester, when a lot of students were in town.
  • There was a group of ten people personally inviting all the friends they met at the university (I very well remember To walking from table to table at the university cafeteria inviting people).
  • And last but not least there was advertisement running all over the small platform (which of course had only a very limited number of users at this time

This time we

  • personally invited all (about 70) members (pointing out the outstanding atmosphere at the last party at the Nelson Lounge)
  • Initiated a meeting of Bamberg's Bloggers at the Party
  • Made the party a Channel-party inviting all users of the Chat.
  • Created a group for the party at the social software platform “” and invited all kind of people to join it
  • Initiated a thread at the board promoting several events at the Sandkerwa – but of course placing the emphasis on the fact that Wake-Up party is the place to be on Wednesday
  • Promote the Party via message board signature “Mi, 23.8. Wake-up Party - die Sandkerwa(R) ist da in der NELSON LOUNGE”
  • Promoted via my blog
  • Added the date to the Terminkalender
  • Had DJ Funboy promoting the party

So, let's hope that our efforts will be rewarded with success!

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Mad, mad youth.

Tuesday, August 22. 2006

Today a friend of mine drew my attention to a website almost glorifying the vandalism of a car at the summer breeze festival. A person was drunken driving at the festival grounds and almost injures other participants running over a few tents, after having a discussion with those people he leaves his car open and unattended. Within the next day this story spreads around the festival ground and somehow almost everybody seems to know this person and has had problems with him. Then the car of this person becomes target of the arising aggression… So the abandoned car gets demolished by a mob of festival participants. Obviously no one at the festival site was sober enough to prevent this. At the the Wacken-message board a discussion amongst regular festival visitors about right or wrong of this action was initiated.

This discussion and the whole website might be quite interesting for our sociologists around. Some of the “offenders” reveal there identity and are even showing off that they were part of the events.

I would have expected a little more civil courage of people at the festival – in my opinion there is no justification to take the law into one’s own hands.

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Nuts on ice

Monday, August 21. 2006

Once up on a time, there was a little student who was very active in working for the students’ council representatives, but then he had some disputes with his friends, and was no longer supported by his group. So it was decided to start a new group.

This is no fairy tale, but the background why Philipp an I had founded NUTS (NUTS is an acronym for “Neues Unabhängiges Team für Studierende” – which translates “New independent team for students”) back in 2003. Asking a few friends for their participation we managed to set up a list with six people running for the elections. And our Team was successful – we managed to gain the targeted seat at the Fachschaft SoWi. Unluckily we couldn't keep up our efforts, and after one and a half year NUTS was no longer needed.

So was the the web-page, and consequently I abandoned the related domain. But I archived the old Web-Site (formerly here.

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Updated Blogroll and Links

Monday, August 21. 2006

Answering the questionnaire of Jan’s last survey I realized, that I update my Blogroll only once in a while.. and that it would really need a little redo. So I took the chance today to update and reorganize it a little bit.
I’ve also updated my links: exchanged the big vlogger-con logo for a small one Vlogger con logo and added one for Logo. The positioning of the navigation was also fixed (Don’t have a clue why I didn’t do this earlier). And I’m additionally tracking the page traffic with Google Analytics (now I might very well remove the Google-Adsense from my right column since those ads where added in order to track the traffic, too.).

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