Portrait of the University of Bamberg available for download

Monday, July 31. 2006

About a year ago the Bavarian TV produced a little documentation about our university. This documentation has been broadcasted a few weeks ago, and now the press office of your university made it available for free download. I suggest not to download the .ogg Version since the compression is kinda crappy..

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Meme – I Blogger

Sunday, July 30. 2006

I saw this meme a view days ago, and wondered how long it would take to hit me. On Friday Jan got hit and used paule to bring this meme into the blogosphere of Bamberg.

Why are you blogging?
I discovered blogging as a nice tool for self-expression. Initially it was only a tool to keep contact to my friends and family while I was staying abroad but in the meantime it developed to a nice toy which I like to sue to write down my thoughts.

When did you start blogging?
I started blogging in March 2005 in preparation for my internship with Siemens in Malaysia.

Why are people reading your blog(s)?
Probably because they are interested in the matters I’m writing about. But honestly – I’m not sure.

What was the last search result, which got someone visiting your site?
My service column on the right shows the Last Google Searches! But since there is an internet beyond Google, I’ll give you the last Yahoo search: “sgh-x820 language pack german”

Which of your posts did wrongfully not get the necessary attention?
There is one post that immediately comes into my mind.. I wrote a long post about my thought to the world youth day 2005 – and didn’t get a single comment on it (at least now it has its first trackback ;-)). But since this is the chance to promote such an article: READ IT!

What is your favorite Blog?
Actually I didn’t know that I should have one.. I'll think about it.

Name that last Blog you have read.
It was Steffanie Müller’s Blog. I didn’t want to translate this meme, and searched for an English version – I didn’t find one, but I found Steffanie’s Blog. Most of her articles are in Swedish, though – but from time to time she also blogs in German and English.

To which blogs do you want to forward this meme and why?
To Steffanie from Sweden - expecting to see some new German content in her Blog. http://www.steffanie.net/deutsch (Hi Steffanie, the questions for this meme are available in German here.)
To Josh – since I didn’t contribute to his blog for quite a while
To Obelisk Dee - since she always likes distractions from her studies
To the Grützekraftwerk, since I’m really interested in getting this questions answered by Reaktorsicherhet and Supergau!
And last but not least to Feeodora and Deathslayer because I expect some deep insights about them...

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Super Sommer!

Sunday, July 30. 2006

Some Song lyrics strike through their simplicity – and often less is more. Listening to German songs this wisdom accompanied me through the last years. Songs just don’t have to tell complicated stories – sometimes they just have to transmit a certain feeling… One of this outstanding songs was “Juli – Die Perfekte Welle”, listening to this song I really a feeling like just getting the wave right and being able to go for the next goals.

This summer I found a similar song from the Austrian Duo Luttenberger/Klug. This song is a good example that you don’t need excessive casting projects to get young people together creating decent music. Sometimes this happens by coincidence. According to an interview the parents of Michelle Luttenberger und Chrissi Klug know each other for quite a long time, and so the two girls got to know each other and their passion for music – what a sweet story..

Anyway, the song “Super Sommer” transmits a relaxed optimistic feeling but also talks about a commitment – although it is just a loose commitment. The main lyrics translate “I want to spend this great summer with you”. I really like this optimistic attitude!

Can this song compete being a summer hit 2006? It’s probably nothing but a shallow pop song.. But maybe it’s more. What do you think?

Have a look at the attached lyrics, watch the video or listen to the song at the girls myspace site.

Continue reading "Super Sommer!"

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Let’s celebrate System Administrator Appreciation Day

Friday, July 28. 2006

Someone invented this day some seven years ago, to show them sysadmins their props once a year. Well… I think my sysadmin knows that I honour his work very much! He is available almost 24/7 and manages to solve most of my problems immediately. Since I found this nice virtual bunch of flowers I want to take the chance and dedicate them to Chrisi. If he’d only have the time to join me onto a Bierkeller I’d enjoy buying him a beer. Guess I'll rather cross my fingers for his exam and don't distract him from learning with special requests ;-)

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Friday, July 28. 2006

It seems that I have a good sense for getting me into extra work… A few years ago I registered the domain www.zeltkerwa.de because I thought it would be a good way to promote this festival which takes place every first weekend in September in our small village. At that time my brother was treasurer of the society organizing this event. But since I wasn’t even a member of this society I didn’t give too much about caring for their web page (especially since I’m paying for it, and no one ever thanked my for that..). While my brother was active member he had his friend organizing the homepage, and it was ok. But later when he left, there was barely someone left with enough skills to care about the home page within that society.

When there was a problem of accessing the web space they cam back to me about two month ago – everything was fine with the web access – but I realized that editing static web pages with MS Forntpage was not a good solution for them. So I proposed to use a CMS… Well.. That was the point when I got back into that. I searched for a free CMS-Provider which would suit the requirements for an homepage relaunch. With supersized.org switching there serendipity hosting service to version 1.1-alpha7 and supporting Spartacus I found this Provider. So I opened that new blog yesterday, and now I’m hoping that I can convince the responsible persons to abandon the old web pages and to let me switch the domain to the new blog! (And of course, to get them using it.)

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VLOG Europe!

Friday, July 28. 2006

VLOG Europe!Guess, you have already noticed, that there is a new logo on the left column of my blog. The European Vlogger-scene is planning a get together conference this autumn in Milan/Italy. Purpose of this event is to promote vlogging. I think vlogging is a real powerful chance for self expression; it’s just more than writing a blog entry or doing a podcast. If you want to get in touch with some of the European vlogging scene this conference might be the place to be. I don’t know whether I’ll be able to make it to Milan, but I’m very interested! Anyone want to join me for a short holiday to Italy?
(Speaking about vlogging: I already gathered material for a first vlog covering the blogger-cup – but unluckily I’m a little too inexperienced too get a fast result out of this raw material..)

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The penny has dropped

Friday, July 28. 2006

It was the typical problem if there is too much freedom of choice – you can search until the end of time to find the perfect thing… It is very illusory to find something perfect. But if it is about a research topic you are going to spend your time for four month it should be at least near perfect. In fact I don’t know whether I found something near perfect – but it is something I can very well live with.

I want to discuss the question: “How can innovations of social software improve e-learning platforms?” If you are interested, have a look at the first version of my expose (right now only in German). Now I got to convince my coach and my professor that this is a topic worthwhile an academic discussion. So cross your fingers!

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Nasty - Its German meaning

Tuesday, July 25. 2006

nasty [È®Ñг´ê; Am. È®‘³-]
I adj (adv nastily)
1. schmutzig
2. ekelhaft, eklig, widerlich (Geschmack etc)
3. abstoßend, unangenehm (Eigenschaft etc)
4. fig. schmutzig, zotig (Buch etc)
5. böse, schlimm, gefährlich, tückisch: nasty accident böser Unfall; nasty cold böse Erkältung; nasty dipping shot (Fußball) tückischer Aufsetzer
a) hässlich (Benehmen, Charakter), boshaft, gehässig (Person): he has a nasty temper mit ihm ist nicht gut Kirschen essen colloq.
b) gemein, niederträchtig, fies (Trick etc)
c) übel gelaunt, übellaunig, eklig: turn nasty unangenehm werden
d) ekelhaft (Kerl etc)

II s Br. colloq. pornographische oder gewaltverherrlichende Videokassette