Will the rain ever stop?

Tuesday, May 30. 2006


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Back from Salzburg / Munich

Friday, May 26. 2006

Salburg castleI returned late yesterday night, were I visited my friends Tom and To after visiting the Edumedia 2006 conference in Salzburg. Unluckily I didn’t make it to start digesting the conference and my impressions yesterday. First I had to overcome the shock that my favourite basketball team didn’t make it into the playoff finals this year, then I decided to consume the season final of Twenty-Four. Right now I have already sorted through two picture sets for my private gallery. The first set contains pictures taken directly from the conference, which I will us later for a short summary on thoughts I had about the different topics. The second (the best shots are already available on flickr) contains pictures of our little sightseeing tour we had after the conference.

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Social Skills durch Social Software Conference

Wednesday, May 24. 2006

Yesterday I managed to reach the Conference just in time to visit the book presentation of "Die Google Gesellschaft" by Kai Lehmann. The following discussion was interesting and covered a really braod range of topics concerning social software.

Right now I can't wait to here the keynotes for the conference, which have really interesting topics like "Smarter, Simpler, Social – Merkmale und Eigenschaften von Social Software" by Lee Bryant.

I'll try to post my thoughts and real time experience of this conference here.

The conference wiki is growing in Realtime here: http://kiss.salzburgresearch.at:8080/SocialSkills/

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On the road

Monday, May 22. 2006

Seems like my planings for this week are finally finished. Tomorrow, I'll be at the Social Skills durch Social Software conference, where I will probably meet him, and stay here.

On Wednesday I'll move on to Munich to meet up with Tom. I'll stay at Tom's place from Wednesday to Thursday, and probably at To's place whom I'm also going to meet from Thursday to Friday.

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Feki.de Weekend

Friday, May 19. 2006

I'm back from today's visit at Bearing Point Consulting in Frankfurt, and already on the run, to join my friends for the Feki.de Weekend in Warmensteinach. Like Coyote already mentioned, it is unclear, whether I'll have the chace to write something from there..

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Distraught thoughts

Thursday, May 18. 2006

I was trying to get some sleep - Need to get up early tomorrow - But it just won’t work out - Can’t slow down my heartbeat thinking –

thinking about

about it.

about her.

Why? Why me?


No! Too many questions, to many times “why?” (Don’t want to end like this Kelly Family Song..),

Can’t just anyone stop this? Feels like I’m the only one. I just can’t.

Can’t stop.

Stop …… her.

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Bamberg entfesselt!

Wednesday, May 17. 2006

Yesterday I finally made it to meet with Sabine (later Paule also joined us) and we started finalizing a project I initiated already about four weeks ago. So we searched for a nice Wordpress template and name for our project. Have a look at our result here: http://www.bamberg-entfesselt.de

German readers can find the “why?” here. We think that it might be a nice experience to have a blog were many people with the same interest get the chance to write down their thoughts. So it is a try. You are invited to participate!

Off topic remark: In times of sorrow it is best to seek for distraction. This is a fact, and my friends are very good support in such occasions. Thx!

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Geh raus aus meinem Kopf

Tuesday, May 16. 2006

(by Christina Stürmer)

Vers 1.
Immer wieder sehe ich dich.
Wie hinter Wolken sehe ich dein Gesicht.
Nur in der Erinnerung.
Die wie Porzellan zerbricht.

Irgendwie bleibst du da,
und irgendwie auch nicht.

Geh raus aus meinem Kopf.
Geh raus, ich will dich nicht mehr sehen.
Ich habe hier keinen Platz mehr für dich.

Geh raus aus meinem Kopf.
Es ist echt Zeit für dich zu gehen.
Hau endlich ab, denn ich ertrage es nicht.

Vers 2.
Wie eine kleine Ewigkeit.
Und nur ein Foto von dir in meinem Schoß,
total zerknickt und ausgebleicht.
Sag mir mal, was soll das bloß!

Du lässt mich einfach stehen,
Und setzt in mein Herz einen Stoß.

Mittelteil Chor:
Geh raus aus eine Kopf
Will dich nicht mehr wieder sehen
habe keinen Platz mehr für dich.

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