Bierkeller #1

Saturday, April 29. 2006

The idea for this series was stolen from Jan Schmidt, but it is so nice to have some memories on those beautiful beer gardens in Bamberg that I will do exactly the same. Let’s see how long it will take until we will be reporting about the same event at a beer garden!

It was a very warm weekend, and so the beer gardens had already opened in order to take advantage of the many many people out for a walk or a little journey on Sunday. So we were quite sure last Monday that the beer gardens would be open, too. It was Christian who called and made the proposal to take advantage of the good weather and to visit the Spezi-Keller. But accidentally this beer garden is closed on Mondays. So we had to go for the nearest alternative, which is the “Wilde Rose”. There we had to notice that it is already quite expensive on beer gardens at the city. A beer is 2.10€ this year, and I had to pay 4,30€ for my dinner. You can get cheaper and better beer/food at beer gardens, which are located outside from Bamberg. Unluckily our friends, To and Karsten who were visiting Bamberg at this time couldn’t be convinced to join us. So it was just Christian, Anna and me for the start; Tim and Tanja joined as a little bit later. I had my first “Gerupften” for this year (it is a cheese-speciality) and we met some friends from university. Afterwards we visited the Stammtisch, and also had some party at the Live-Club.

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Laax 2006 – Day 5 – Cloudy Morning / Martin’s Birtday

Saturday, April 29. 2006

sunshineIt was one of the very few days, when there was bad weather in the morning. We got up and were a little disappointed because the lack of sunshine. So we had our lunch inside at the Berghaus Nagens. But since the sun didn’t have a chance to melt the snow we had real good conditions on the piste. In the afternoon it the clouds faded away a little bit and we got at least some sunshine.

Party!But the spectacular issue on this day was of course the party for Martin’s birthday on the following day. I got to admit, that I for myself spent quite a lot of time away from our main group at the kitchen, but inside the main room the party was already growing. Finally at midnight Martin got his birthday cake and everyone was up congratulating him. But of course this was not the end of both party and evening. While at the main room some of us went for a little dance we got some scientific findings on different shoe sizes at the kitchen. Also some of the equipment was tested for its durability.

Btw, did you that Austrians found out that woolly hats have a better durability than regular ski helmets? They threw both a woolly hat and a ski helmet down a big bridge. At the bottom they noticed that the ski helmet was broken – while the woolly hat was unharmed!

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Thoughts on the semester start.

Saturday, April 29. 2006

Wuha, the last week was a really hard one. Many parties, a lot of action… it feels really good to finally sit down back at the computer again and have some quiet moments. There were just too many things to talk about here right now. Well, but I noticed very well, that there is a live beyond blogging!

I did my good deed for today and fixed our broken lights-switch in our kitchen. I also managed to buy some breakfast for tomorrow morning. But how could I forget to get some decent and easy to prepare dinner for tonight…

Sports – Part 4 – Inline Skating

Sunday, April 23. 2006

Jogging is quite nice, but it might get boring after a while if it is the only sport you are doing. So I was quite glad to get some change. So I went for a little tour with my inline skates with my friend Martin today. Since it was my first time on skates for this year I felt a little uncomfortable at the morning.. also had some problems to manage some slopes.. But with Martin’s help I didn’t cause a major accident. We chose a track similar to the one I had for my first jogging attempt this year. So I had roughly 6-7km of track – I think that’s ok for the beginning. We are also planning to organize a weekly skate meeting.

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Just another baton?

Sunday, April 23. 2006

Seems like it is time for some questionnaires again… Nils asks me to answer a few questions – so here we go:

  1. Take the book next to you, go to page 18 and quote line 4:
    !Ojo con el perro! – Vorsicht bissiger Hund! (Unluckily no English book, but my Spanish-German Grammar-Book)
  2. Reach out as far as you can with you’re right arm – what can you grab?A pack of chili powder which leans against one of my speaker boxes.
  3. What was the last TV-Show you watched?
    Depends on whether you only count real TV, or the TV programme you can get out of the Internet. Real TV: Lord of the Rings – The Two Towers. Internet: Alias S05E11
  4. With the exception of you’re computer, to what are you listening atm?
    Christina Stürmer - Wirklich alles! [Live Wiener Stadthalle] cd1 Track2 – Geh nicht wenn du kommst.
  5. When did you you do a step out of you’re door for the last time?
    On Friday to watch Final Destination 3 with a friend
  6. What did you do before answering this questionnaire?
    I was sleeping.
  7. What are you wearing atm?
    A beige/khaki pyjama
  8. Did you dream last night?
    Not that I could remember, but I don’t think so.
  9. When was the last time you had to laugh?
    Guess at sometime yesterday talking to friends at the Chat.
  10. What occupies the walls of the room, in which you are currently sitting?
    The only remarkable thing is a flag of Selangor.
  11. Did you see something strange lately?
    Klabusterbeere is in my Feed-Reader – any more questions?
  12. What do you think about this questionnaire?
    It starts to bore me.
  13. What was the last movie you watched?Final Destination 3
  14. What would you buy if you’d be rolling in money?
    I’d probably try to buy my own university ;-)
  15. Tell something about yourself, which I don’t know yet.
    I’ll be driving home to my parents to have lunch later.
  16. If you could change one thing at our world, what would that be?
    That’s a hard one… But I think I would try to enhance the tolerance of the people somehow.
  17. Do you like dancing?
    I used to like it, but somehow I lost track of doing Standard-Dances.. so the only thing I can do sometimes looks like Murder on the Dancefloor ;-)
  18. George Bush
    Go to question 16.
  19. If you’re first child was a girl, how would you call it?
    Definitely not Suri. But I really can’t tell.. Guess I’d prefer something traditional like Katharina or Maria.
  20. And if it was a boy?
    I don’t have a clue.
  21. Would you see it as a possibility for you to emigrate?
    Sure. There are other beautiful places on this planet!
  22. What would you tell god reaching the heaven’s gate?
    Hi old lad – is my deckchair at the beach ready, yet? And are the cocktails chilled?
  23. Five people you want to answer this questionnaire:
    Coyote, since he needs content in his brand new blog, anyway.
    Simon, since he is my top link to the Malaysian Blogosphere.
    Corinna (Yes, Lucky it's you!)
    Obelisk Dee

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Preferred cup

Thursday, April 20. 2006

Things out of my household: This amazing series will show you some of the items that accompany during my every day live, and you will get the background story about those items. Today I proudly present you my most favoured cup. It is a souvenir from a trip to Finnland, so the inscription on it is in Finnish, of course! “Mitä pahaa olen tehnyt kun minulla on TÄLLAINEN TYÖPAIKKA”. The reader who gets me the right translation for this sentence is invited for a chocolate cappuccino out of this cup at my place (depending on the time of day, he may also chose to have a beer).

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Sports – Part 3 – Jogging to Gaustadt

Wednesday, April 19. 2006

Since I wasn’t in the right mood yesterday I had my sporty activity postponed until today.. Back in Bamberg again there was plenty of possibilities to find a nice track. Now I’m glad to tell you how rejuvenating a cold shower can feel! Extraterrific! I really need to keep the training up to get back to my old shape. If I imagine, that I jogged 10km in an hour.. Still feels unbelievable. But let's see what I can write here in a few weeks. Yesterday I recieved a mail about activities of Partysan Bamberg - and I'm really looking forward for some activities with my friends there :-)

I was quite conservative and chose to run to Gaustadt. But I got lucky and found the right pace so I made it to jog 30minutes without a major stop! But after another 5 minutes I gave up and walked a lot of the remaining distance, since my feet didn’t feel that well. So the distance was about 6km, and my overall time 49 minutes.

Questions raised:

  • I wonder whether the Mainluststraße is the right location for SIPP?
  • How often is the floodgate in Gaustadt used? (This time I saw a small tourist boat passing through.)
  • How could I forget all those other questions, which I had on the way?

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Laax 2006 – Day 4 - It's a bright sunshiny day

Tuesday, April 18. 2006

After a good rest, the start into our third day on the piste was very smooth, once again Jack Johnson’s Upside Down accompanied us on our way to Laax, and because of the bright sunshine we started our way into the mountains with a very good mood. After reaching the first mountain top we took a few very good and funny shots. Taking the slope down to Plaun we had a little break, and my mood was a little darkened. A friend from university called me, to tell me that results would be available online. So I would be tempted to look them up… After entering the area of Nagens/Mutta we found a really nice block slope, and Markus and I separated from the rest of the group to do our runs a little faster. What a pleasure to take the slope without a stop!.

We then decided to head for Alp Ruschein to have lunch break there once more. Since the glacier was open we took the long run down to Alp Ruschein. Down there we had our lunch and some beer and it was really relaxed once more. Our boarder friends were not up to such a long break like Annika, Markus and I did, so we were on our own for the last downhill runs. At the Crap Sogn Gion we missed the others, since we had some beers at the terrace upside the closed Rockbar. So we had to take the last downhill run alone. Markus and Annika were not too pleased, since the warm weather had transformed most of the snow into a slushy mass.

In the evening we went for some diversion and watched a movie. Unluckily I already knew “I, Robot” and since I prefer the original story by Isaac Assimov, I spend the time in the kitchen having a few beers. I don’t recall how late it was, when I went to bed, but I was the last one to cuddle into his sleeping bag in my room at that night.

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