Almost done

Monday, March 20. 2006

  • got 24 pages
  • motivation and conlusions are somewhat wise
  • worked through all five hypothesisy
  • et some parts are not fully consistent
  • theoretically foundation is...
Anyway. Great thanks to Susann and Tanja so far, and let's hope that I can finish this ***** after some sleep.

Edit: 1:02pm:
Many additional thanks to scotti, who helped me to get the paper free of writing mistakes.

Pearson vs. Spearman – some statistic basics

Friday, March 17. 2006

So I finally got to decide which test to use for my statistical analysis. Unluckily the lecture I took about statistics was in 1999… So I got to research on certain issues now again. But the web is quite a good place to get answers for certain questions, so I see that Pearson vs. Spearman is a quite common issue, So it didn’t take me long to finde some sources to solve my problem:

„The Pearson and Spearman's coefficients are mathematically identical, EXCEPT that the Spearman rank coefficient is calculated from the ranks of each variable, not the actual values. Once the values are ranked, they both use the same formula.” Source.

„Bei intervallskalierten und normalverteilten Proben wird die Produkt-Moment-Korrelation nach Pearson, bei ordinalskalierten und nicht normalverteilten Proben die Rangkorrelation nach Spearman verwendet, welche die Ränge der untersuchten Daten miteinander vergleicht (Bühl & Zöfel 1995, Sachs 1993). Letzteres Verfahren gilt zudem als robuster gegenüber Ausreißern (Sachs 1993). Precht und Kraft (1992) sowie Bühl und Zöfel (1995) weisen darauf hin, dass eine Korrelationsanalyse nur dann sinnvoll ist, wenn der Zusammenhang linear ist; für U-förmige Zusammenhänge tendiert r gegen 0.“ Source.

So it should be better to use Spearman for me, because a) I don’t have to justify why my data should be normally distributed and b) some of the values are not really metrically scaled.

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Final spurt

Thursday, March 16. 2006

Four days to finish this ****-paper.. argl.. But it reminds me to some interesting songs:

Diebels – Ein schöner Tag (19??)
Vengaboys - 48 hours (2000)
Die Ärzte – 3-Tage-Bart (1996)
Counting Crows – Four days (1999)
Patrick Nou – Five days (2003)
Intermission ft. Lori Glori – Six days (1993)
Sportfreunde Stiller - 7 Tage – 7 Nächte (2002)
The Beatles – Eight days a week (1964)

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The last exam

Wednesday, March 15. 2006

Eyerything running fine so far:

  • Got up at 7.05am.
  • Didn't hit any flat sharing member at the bath.
  • Got into one of my best shirts (enhance the feeling of competence).
  • Answered a short message to a fellow student, to confirm time and date of the exam.
  • Got 11 handwritten pages of notes, which I will browse through now, and try not to forget the key issues.
  • Prepared my bag with exam essentials: pens, something to drink, sweets (will get additonal breakfast-food on the way).
  • mobile is already set into DND mode.
  • I'm wearing a watch.

So cross your fingers and lets hope that I'll get through this.

Top 10 podcasts 2005

Tuesday, March 14. 2006

Even in the darkest hours of work and despair the WWW offers great distraction. By incident (thx to I found an article about the Top10 podcasts in 2005 today. And one immediately attracted my focus. It is a podcast by father Roderick Vonhögen a catholic priest from the Netherlands. In his podcast from April 19th “Habemus Papam!!” he reports from St. Peters Square, when the new pope has been introduced. Since I was in Malaysia at that time I couldn’t accompany this progress. Although I’m not catholic the vivid report of father Vonhögen thrilled me. The podcast is quite long, but I can really recommend it! For all my readers who are done with your exams already – I would be very glad to hear some experience about the other top10 podcasts!

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Progress! ...finally

Monday, March 13. 2006

Seems like the efforts I’m putting into my business teaching exam are finally successful. My concept for this exam is almost done. Although there are some spots to improve on, I’m quite confident that my preparation will at least be sufficient to pass.

The topic I specialised in is “media diversity at the vocational education – chances and risks” under this very broad topic I took out one perspective of media diversity. This covers all kind of internet / e-learning technologies, which might be interesting for education. But since it is also a really big topic to discuss how these technologies can or cannot improve education I will further put my focus on efficient usage of those technologies in classes. For this usage a necessity for hybrid/complex teaching and learning environment can be seen. How coincidental the concept of “Selforganized Learning” fits here!

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Sunday lunch - Food wars continued.

Sunday, March 12. 2006

I don’t know yet how to score my last episode of the fruit wars, well actually it was not a fruit but rather a food war. On Friday I decided to stay in Bamberg for this Sunday (usually I’m at least visiting my parents for lunch on Sunday). So I got to get myself some adequate food for a Sunday’s lunch (traditionally Franconian the Lunch on Sunday is the best meal for the whole week with dumplings and a Sunday roast). Unluckily I didn’t feel like going out to shop for this occasion during the last days, when I was taking care of my cold. Due to my last stocking up of the fridge, there is plenty of food – but nothing adequate for a Sunday’s lunch. So I decided to trade the duck roast which I might have gotten prepared by my mum against a YumYum duck soup. The duck soup was quite good, with this neat Asian duck taste, but it couldn’t reach my expectations for a Sunday’s lunch. (Guess I also couldn’t fulfil my duty of dealing with the consequences of the uprising bird-flu…):

Jay’s expectation vs. fridge contents: 0-1

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What is "media diversity"?

Sunday, March 12. 2006

Guess I’ll need that for my exam on Wednesday - at least as a snippet. So I use this topic to break the series of “useless” tagged entries… First there are two perspectives on this topic on is more macro-economical and quantitative, and considers the different available media offerings in a country e.g. the topic that German Publishing giant Springer (who among other things publishes “Bild” – Germany’s most read tabloid) was not allowed to take over the private TV broadcaster ProSiebenSat.1. So if there would only be one or two big companies running all the media in a country you could consider the media diversity as very shallow.

The other approach towards media diversity is more micro-economical and qualitative. This is more the perspective I want to use when I’m writing about media diversity related to teaching. Here you can consider it as the “use of different tools, media types and materials”. So in this context we might just consider it as many different media channels, which are used. Talking about inevitably the various possibilities of the internet may strike us. It can’t be regarded as one media channel, but has to be analyzed more deeply to get an overview over the different channels there.

Further thoughts on this topic are appreciated!

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