Bliss, the worlds first intelligent romantic game for lovers.

Tuesday, February 28. 2006

Has your relationship gone into a routine? Or do you want to spice it up a little bit? Then a little game developed by an US software engineer. The author developed the game mainly for himself and his wife (as an anniversary gift). He describes the game:

“Bliss is designed to help couples explore the sexual aspect of their relationships by encouraging communication and openness. The goal of Bliss is to help long term couples strengthen and enhance their relationships. Unlike many sexually oriented games, Bliss focuses on romance, love, and intimacy rather than blatant and sometimes offensive sexuality. Bliss is full of unique and innovative romantic ideas.“

The game strikes with its great simplicity – it is a personalized monopoly style game. But instead of building hotels and to pay for accommodation at you are allowed to build different service shops, and you can work for the visit there. So you get the chance to perform different tasks for your partner. There is also a classic “lovers lane” and much more. There is a free demo-version available for download.

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Bamberg – a den of thieves?

Monday, February 27. 2006

Statistics say that if there is a probability for a certain occasion to happen, and it can happen to you more than one time – after it happened to you – the probability will NOT change. But out of psychological reasons the probability might feel lower. Why should it happen to me again? Well it happened to me again…
About 2 years ago my bike was stolen out of some backyard at the Memmelsdorfer Str.. The Bike at that time was not in a too good shape. But it had a lot of personal value to me, since I had owned it for years. The bike was also locked. But obviously this didn’t keep someone from stealing it. This weekend it happened to me again. My Bike was stolen some days ago between Saturday morning 3am and Sunday afternoon from the front of my flat at the Memmelsdorfer Str.. Now I’m Pedestrian again...
You may write your condolences as comments under this post, and donations for a new bike are welcome at my account with the Sparkasse Bayreuth, BLZ 773 501 10, Acct. Number 72 43 44

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Assessment for the chair of Information Systems especially Information Systems at the service industry

Friday, February 24. 2006

One time more I will try my luck with real time blogging. I’m currently at a assement for a chair at the university. Since there is still no wireless LAN at our poor university the publication will also be delayed a little…

The first lecturer is Dr. Weitzel whom was already given a job as a temporary lecturer at the chair he is currently applying for. His topic is the worth of IT for companies - business alignment for financial business processes. His research institute has conducted a research project about this problem in the banking sector. The empirical research that was carried out seems to be quite decent, and although I'm a little distracted by my start into the day, I find it interesting to follow Dr. Weitzels lecture. He is talking structured and smoothly, and the contents are note too dense.

Presentation machine: Samsung 15” Notebook, slides controlled via keyboard, laser-pointer
Special remark: Quite nice to see his worn out beige bag lying at the desk next to Prof. Sinz; President Ruppert visited his lecture

After a short break the session is continued with Dr. Robra-Bissantz. From the start of the talk it is quite difficult to follow her expositions about e-business as a challenge for the service industry, since her voice sounds somehow slightly over modulated. But this can also be caused by her obvious nervousness. She does not seem to reach any of the sovereignty of Dr. Weitzel. Overall imo her lecture was not that bad at all, but it was lacking some essential structure. Guess she had at least chance to practice the situation in front of an assessment commission.

Presentation machine: HP 15" Notebook, slides controlled by mouse, no laser pointer
Special remark: She was wearing black boots with heals and had a run in her tights.

Having had lunch break and talking to a few friends I can already see a tendency... Dr. Weitzel's sovereignty will most probably not be beaten by anyone. So it is interesting to see, what Dr. Jung can do about this in his turn to introduce his skills. He is talking about asset-liability management and does a quite a good job. His lecture is structured, and he is speaking with sovereignty. But his contents seem quite shallow at the moment. Screening through the rows some members of the committee share this view - I can see bored faces... Since Dr. Jung is talking about software architectures for data warehouse systems I'm really interested to hear the questions of our university software architects... And indeed our data-warehouse master is questioning the whole design of the research..
Seeing the sketch of Dr Jung's plans for his lectures in Bamberg it appears like he doesn't have to much concrete plans for his lectures…

Presentation machine: IBM ThinkPad 12", slides switched by remote controller, laser-pointer
Special remark: Jung is working as lecturer in Bern, and he already like a Berner – quite conservative with his moustache.


After a last short break with Dr. Rothlauf we are hearing a talk about algorithms for flight planning. Since Dr. Rothlauf is a studied engineer, it might become a rather technical talk. His description how to run a flight-planning system on evolutionary algorithms was quite plausible, and he appeared really self-confident.

Presentation machine: Sony Vaio 12", slides remote controlled, laser-pointer
Special remark: Mentioned on several times, that he was so happy to be in Bamberg, since he was born here.

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The Daily Madness

Friday, February 24. 2006

I initially thought the lectures would distract my attention from my rough start into the day, but somehow it doesn't work out. It even gets a little worse atm. Setting my alarm clock to 8:15am didn’t help me to reach the lecture on time: First I didn't get moving before 8:35am, I then had to wake Peter by phone (he had asked me to do this the evening before) and checked my computer for news. Realizing that my GF had a rough night, I at least had to send her a message. Then at 8:40am time already was limited. However, I managed to shower in 5 minutes and hurried for the university. So I arrived at the first lecture a few seconds late, and Prof. Ferstl hat already introduced the first candidate. Now unluckily the batteries in my PDA keyboard were somehow leaking and while typing my fingers are really sticky :-(. Anyway, the good thing is that after a start like this, it can only get better.
At least I will be able to register at the dean’s office for the assessment committee, where I will be the student representative, and I’ll finally visit Mrs. Henninges and sign my assistant contract (for which the work has already been done..).

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Irrecoverable meets do-gooder

Wednesday, February 22. 2006

What happens if above mentioned scenario is happening? Guess one side has to lose. Or both do.. When will I learn, that I can’t heal the world?

Still playing "Revolverheld - Die Welt steht still" soon to be followed by "Michael Jackson - Heal the world".

Edit 9:08pm: Guess the answer is pretty simple. The do-gooder becomes even more irrecoverable.

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Soundtrack of my life?!

Monday, February 20. 2006

01 .:. One song.. from your early childhood: Koreana - Hand in Hand (song of the olympic games 1988 in South Korea)

02 .:. One song.. you are associating with your first big love: Modjo - Lady followed by Spiller - Groovejet

03 .:. One song.. which reminds you to one of your holidays: RMB - The Spring / Dido - Sand in my Shoes

04 .:. One song.. you like, but you have got to problems to confess: Udo Jürgens - Die Sonne und du

05 .:. One song.. which accompanied you, while you where lovesick: Ultravox - Dancing with tears in my eyes

06 .:. One song.. you listened to most often in your life: Roxette - Fading like a Flower

07 .:. One song.. which is your most favoured instrumental: Howard Shore - Concerning Hobbits

08 .:. One song.. which represents one of your most favoured bands: Bon Jovi - Wanted Dead or Alive

09 .:. One song.. in which you recognizes yourself or through which you feel somehow understood: The Chemical Brothers - Galvanize

10 .:. One song.. which reminds you to a certain occasion (and the occasion): Seeed - Papa Noah / Boarder Week in Val Thorens 2003

11 .:. One song.. you like an which belongs to the Hip Hop / Rap genre: 50 Cent - Candyshop

12 .:. One song.. which is the best for you to relax: Enigma - Snow on the Sahara

13 .:. One song.. which symbolizes a great time in your life: Blue Lagoon - Break my stride

14 .:. One song.. which is your most favourite song at the moment: Die Toten Hosen - Weltmeister [unplugged]

15 .:. One song.. which you would dedicate to your best friend: Sportfreunde Stiller - Wellenreiten '54

16 .:. One song.. where you have got the feeling that no one besides you likes it: Massive Töne - Cruisen

17 .:. One song.. you like because of its lyrics: Sportfreunde Stiller - Ich Roque

18 .:. One song.. you like very much and which is neither german nor english: David Bisbal - Ave maria

19 .:. One song.. which helps you to work off: Metallica & San Francisco Symphony - Nothing Else Matters

20 .:. One song.. which should be played on your funeral: Placebo - Special K

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Monday, February 20. 2006

We drink to forget the coming storm.

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Burning pleasure

Thursday, February 16. 2006

Right now my mouth is burning, my nose is running, and I’m feeling really satisfied. It is one of those moments, when I can lean back and dream about the spicy hot food in Malaysia, because I’m having a piece of it here. Quite interesting that some 39 cent instant soup from the next asia shop and some extra chilli can get me to such feelings.

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