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Sunday, January 29. 2006

Ok, friends, this posting is yet to fill, but feel free to post your congratulations here. I'm on my way to Truppach now to have a great birthday lunch :-).

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At the Bamberg real estate exhibition (IMF)

Saturday, January 28. 2006

Thx to my friend Jochen I’m currently at the Forum Bamberg and my task is to take care of different speakers who are talking about real estate topics. My main task should be to setup the video projector for each speaker and equip the speakers with a working microphone. But it appears, that the most complicated task is to remind the speakers of the time schedule, since there is no chairperson available… So most of time I’m just standing around, waiting for something to happen... Ok, luckily the second speaker did not strain his time budget, so we are back on schedule. From my point of view his topic about basement sealing will be hard to beat considering its irrelevance (for me personally of course).

Concerning multimedia blogging I have collected a shot of the opening ceremony here.

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I don’t want to find my spare battery – I want chocolate!

Wednesday, January 25. 2006

This posting matches the meaningless Blogs and Wikis my friends have opened recently (here is a meaningless video of yesterdays frozen beer btw.). I’m right now sitting in the Wirtschaftspädagogik Examenscolloquium, which is an obligatory seminar if you want to take part in the exam. Right now I feel the urgent need for some sweets – but unluckily all the chocolate I carried around in my bag is gone. The only thing I could retrieve out of the depths of my bag was the spare battery for my mobile (for which I was searching for quite a while). Through a flash of inspiration I searched my jacket, and found at least some cough drops. Those are now getting consumed by Bine and me. The sugar of the sweets keeps our mood on a bearable level, but the green background (see picture on the left) of Dennis’ charts is about to drive me insane. So I’m hoping that he’ll finish his presentation soon – although the discussion is really interesting. Why is such a minor issue distracting me that much?

Anyway - lessons learned today:

  • Those mobile phones guarantee entertainment
  • Never leave the house without chocolate
  • Brief your fellow students with current ergonomic powerpoint design schemes

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Temperature Drop

Tuesday, January 24. 2006

The current temperature drop seems to be a very interesting topic to blog about. Unluckily it is a few days late because the snow has already completely vanished in Bamberg. For both Nils and Sabine the current temperature is an issue. Jan already covered the topic, with a picture when there was still snow in Bamberg.
Although I was a lot on the road today (went into the city three times), I found the temperature still bearable – probably because I did always wear cap, gloves and a warm scarf. Or because it was far colder the evening before walking home after Monday’s Schwoof.

But there is a lesson I learned today… Bier won’t get influenced by low temperatures as easy as some people think. But water does – so you’d never forget to unload a cradle of water from your car, when it is very cold outside..

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EDS is performing again: F.I.G.A.R.O.

Monday, January 23. 2006

Like every semester the English Dramatic Society in Erlangen is performing. Here you can read the invitation and the plot:

Dear friends of the EDS,

It's been a while since we wrote to you, and indeed some of you have already written to ask us whether there will be a play this semester (yes, of course!), when the next show is (in two weeks' time) and what it's going to be.

We are now pleased to officially announce that the EDS will once again be performing the entertaining musical comedy (after Beaumarchais, written and directed by Damian H. Quinn)  "F.I.G.A.R.O.", which some of you may well remember from February 1999 when one of our largest ever audiences filled the Experimentiertheater on a total of 8 evenings.

Whether or not you saw the show seven years ago, we promise you agreat show and look forward to welcoming you to one of our performances in February. If you did see the play last time though, you might just recognise a couple of old faces and will maybe remember some of the songs, and even the worse of the jokes. But don't w! orry, there many new faces, some new songs, and of course a few new jokes as well.

There will be performances every evening from 6th - 11th February, starting at 7 pm, as ever in the Experimentiertheater, Bismarckstr. 1 in Erlangen. Tickets, priced at 8 Euros and 6 Euros, are available now for reservation online via our website at http://www.english-dramatic-society.de.

If you prefer, you can also purchase your tickets from the English department library, room C602, Bismarckstr. 1, or the Kartenvorverkaufsstelle located in the Grande Galerie, Nürnbergerstrasse, Erlangen (from Tuesday, 24th januiary onwards), or from the Abendkasse on the evening of the performance.

Below a brief summary of the plot to whet your appetites. We look forward to seeing you in the Experimentiertheater in two weeks'  time.

The cast and crew of FIGARO
English Dramatic Society, Erlangen
23rd January 2006

A brief s! ummary of the plot:

The plot follows the lines of the! original Beaumarchais... more or less... but the setting is America. Figaro, a humble barber from the provinces, has risen from obscurity to become prospective candidate for state governor. Senator Almaviva invites Figaro to his country residence for the weekend. Here, after celebrating the Senator’s birthday and his wedding anniversary, the party will confirm Figaro’s endorsement as candidate for governor.
We discover that the object of Figaro’s affections, his right hand woman, Miss Suzanne Lincoln, while reciprocating Figaro’s affections is disinclined  to marry him.
At the reception at the Senator’s residence, the Senator himself falls for Miss Lincoln’s not inconsiderable charms and orders his right hand woman, Jodie, to organise compromising pictures of Figaro which he then offers to give to Miss Lincoln in exchange for sexual favours.
From then on intrigue follows upon intrigue as Figaro and Suzanne, with the he! lp of the Senator’s long suffering wife, the Contessa, and pursued by the ever present scandal-hungry press corps, attempt either to recover the incriminating material or to acquire material which would incriminate the Senator and thus provide them with something to trade.

I'm really interested in seeing this play - probably someone needs a distraction from learning. Anyone interested in joining me is invited to contact me.

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Are you geek? - Publicons

Sunday, January 22. 2006

Self espressionists find a new tool at the web, it is called Publicons, and it helps you to configure your private unit of this fancy small icons:


Only question is now, whether this fancy idea is pretty useless or a must have on every homepage and in every messageboard. I think it might be indeed quite nice to express some of your likings in your profile - but everything starting from your brand of computer to your political party?

Anyway, I like the small fancy icons :-) We will see how this trend develops.

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Online - finally?!

Saturday, January 21. 2006

Thanks to Chrisi and his good diagnostic skills and support I'm online! I really got to thank him for his help, which even involved delaying his whole family on the way to a birthday dinner.

Obviously the modem/router Arcor shipped is broken and because of that a DSL connection was not possible. At the moment we are running a borrowed modem/router thx again Chrisi. And I got to admit the DSL2000 connection rocks :-)

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An Arcor-odyssey?

Friday, January 20. 2006

Today has been the day. Our ordered DSL-connection was to be activated. At around 8:30am a technician of T-Com visited our apartment to get the connection switched. Since we have more than one socket, it took him a while to figure out which one was the master and to get it switched. But after some 45 minutes he had the line activated! Afterwards I immediately wanted to configure the modem to get a data connection. Unluckily we couldn’t find the account data. Arcor didn’t provide this data yet, or it has been lost somewhere in the mail.. Well, I had to hurry for a seminar at the university and Juliane said she would figure out our Login data by inquiring at the Arcor-Hotline. After returning from the university I immediately gave it a try to get the whole thing running with the account data Juliane got from the hotline, but we couldn’t get it working (had some fun with WLAN connection problems, too…) I contacted my friend Chrisi, and his advice was to talk to the Arcor hotline again. This time Juliane got (talking to an automated machine this time) the same login name, but a completely different password. But the second password refused to work, too . I even checked all connection settings with my brother, who is also customer of Arcor, and uses the same Router/modem. All succeeding tries to talk to a person of the Arcor support service failed.

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