Running Dinner

Sunday, November 27. 2005

Since some years the so called “running dinner” has become a compulsory event for the students in Bamberg. The principle is very simple. A team of two decides to take part in the event, and is responsible to cook a hors d’oeuvre, a main dish or a dessert. Which of the dishes the team has got to prepare is decided by drawing lots. Each team prepares the dish for six persons, since it gets joined by two other teams for the dish. So you know that you will have a dish with two other teams, but you don’t know with whom. “Running” refers to the fact that of course you will have to change your locations between the dishes, since every team prepares a dish at their place. The schedule is tight - so you are running between the dishes.

At the university

Friday, November 18. 2005

My friend Sabine started to talk about “biblogging” – creating this new term for writing stuff for the Webblog at the library, in my opinion it doesn’t really matter, whether you are sitting at the university library or at home, since it is in your responsibility how to spend your time there. I think the aspect gets more interesting if you manage to Blog in environments, where your time would be usually bound to external influences.
This is the case if you are sitting in a seminar, where you should pay attention to some contents of the seminar. I’m currently in a seminar about didactics in virtual teaching environments and I’m bored. I was really enthusiastic when the seminar started, because I saw the chance to write a paper about the possibilities of Blogs as a tool for learning and teaching. But later I learned, that the focus would only be, to address the topic from another perspective. So the degrees of freedom are somehow limited.
At least the last days were a little more exciting. On Monday I gave the first lesson of my tutorial for application programs, and it was really well visited. I have got some 50 freshmen in this course and I will help to guide them through basic questions of application systems. Yesterday was the first lesson of my second tutorial, which deals about modelling of information systems, and is a little more sophisticated. Because of the higher complexity of this subject I don’t have to do that tutorial on my own, but get support by a second tutor. Jochen whom I’m gonna meet later to discuss contents of our next tutorial on Monday is a really nice guy, and I think we will have a lot of fun during this semester.
On Wednesday I was “ordered” to Weidenberg to support my dad in dealing with some Chinese business partners. It really was a pleasure to talk English once again at the telephone conference! This showed me once again, that I miss using this foreign language.

Found a new challenge

Thursday, November 10. 2005

Yesterday was quite a busy day. Although I had to fight my uprising cold I had several commitments for the evening, which of course had to be fulfilled. First of all I managed to be one of the first guests of our “ hat Bock”-Party at the Haas-Terasse in Bamberg. Luckily having drunk a strong beer all thoughts about my cold where gone, and I could move forward to the members meeting of the RCDS in Bamberg e.V.. Since I’m no member of any political students union I’m sure you are curious about the purpose of my visit there. And it is one of those reasons, which might not seem rational for some of my friends, but in consequence to my doings during the last semesters is very rational. First I started to support the student representatives of the faculty of information systems and applied computer science, later I became elected representative for my new faculty of Social Sciences, Economics and Business Administration. I was continuously involved in university politics. Many of my friends will recall the heated discussion at the message board. Being a representative for, which is a non-political and independent information portal it was always a kind of strain to separate my own opinion and the things I stood for as a representative. But during this time I also learned methods to get a relatively unbiased view on all different kind of issues. But for those Problems you need also some goals how you want to solve them, and some methods how to solve them. During my time as a complete independent I could only try to convince my discussion partners with my arguments, and hope that they might act a little into the way I thought would be best to go. During this time I noticed, that on almost all of the issues (actually there is none I can think of, which won’t fit), I found some constructive partners in my argumentation working with the RCDS Bamberg. The RCDS Bamberg is a political students organisation, which is somehow related to the CSU party, and to the JU (which is the youth organisation of the before mentioned party). But the RCDS is not subject to directives of this organisation. It is an independent organisation with its own program to get the best for the students. Since it can be pretty useless to try to change anything at the university with a strong partner I decided to team up with the RCDS to move something. I managed to get the first place on the RCDS list of candidates for the university senate. My mum and my friend Lars might fall into despair, but somehow I can't live without something challenging to do. Now I have an election to win!

At the library

Wednesday, November 9. 2005

Now I found very good strategy to have time blogging! Enter the Bib, and start reading some texts for my seminar, immediately everything else will be more attractive. To be honest I didn’t even manage to start reading the texts, because I have still to do some homework for another seminar, which is really a bugger. Or can you remember details of one of your lessons about business back in school time? I have the difficulties on that issue, and that’s why I already spent endless hours in recalling without a really usable result. Anyway. I’m now here at the second floor of TB3, and I’m far too lazy to move my ass out of this kinda relaxing atmosphere (The chart music I’m currently listening to is a help, too.).

Finally - caugt a cold :(

Wednesday, November 9. 2005

I though it would happen far earlier. Arriving from a climate with 30°C at night to one which has temperatures around the freezing point, isn't that nice. Especially if you consider yourself a "child of the sun".. I really like the sun. So it was fun at the weekend to got for a Team-building event, while the sun was shining very nicely. But I fear a little sweating at this occasion, and light clothes brought me to the status, where I'm right now.. Somewhere between getting and having a cold. My body is still trying to resist. But I think this won't last too long. Especially putting under regard, that I have to be on the (party)road tonight. My student community has its own event, were strong beer is served, starting traditionally from 6pm, and later people of my course of studies af a party at a club in the city.. Of course I had to promise, that I will visit both events. Well, we will see, how I feel about this tonight..

Shorter but more postings in the future!

Friday, November 4. 2005

Ok, waiting for a quiet time, and then write about all the nice things that happen won't work somehow. So I'll be giving just a short post in the future, until I find some time to work on a few things. I was quite busy the last days partying, and today will be another must event of each semester - the party at a big shared flat downtown Bamberg. Before that I have aggreed to visit a Bockbieranstich with my friend Tim. So fun is guaranteed.