difficulties blogging?

Thursday, October 27. 2005

I now realise how much time I used to do my blog writing in Malaysia. Well. Actually writing a post doesn’t cost me that much time – but I can’t force my writing mood. Sitting in the office the whole day, I could always find a creative moment and some time to write down my thoughts – but right now in Bamberg I’m kind of overwhelmed by the daily life and don’t yet find enough time to write. This is extremely annoying, since there is quite a lot to blog about.

Busy days

Monday, October 24. 2005

The last days somehow have been too busy to blog. Although I had a lot of free time I didn’t find the “quiet” moments that I need to gather my thoughts here. I was a little lost in the process of really arriving in Bamberg. But as you can’t hurry love you can’t hurry the re-integration into a social environment. There are still a lot of people to meet and so many things to talk about. I tried to meet people with whom I had a lot of contact during my stay in Malaysia first, it was a good help not to get homesick by keeping a little in touch. So this afternoon I’m going to meet Chrissy M. who was a permanent support maintaining this blog. But I was up to give you a short write-up about the last days here in Bamberg:

A return to Bamberg without a proper tour through some of Bamberg’s pubs is unthinkable – so Thursday evening was set up to go for a pub tour. As Angelika a friend of Tanja (Tim’s GF) had her last exam, we went out for a quiet place first and had a beer at the Esspress. Later I joined Kathl, Flo and Michael at the Manhattan bar (which is completely new for me) and celebrated the students night there (beer 0,3l 1€). But somehow even a view friends of the RCDS couldn’t really liven things up there.. I think you just need a bigger party crowd to get that place in motion. So we searched for another place to hang out, and had a look at another new location. The CM lounge is just nearby, but it had only a few visitors attracted. Although DJ Hammer did a great job in mixing us the greatest house tunes, there was no real action there either (beer was a big problem there too - didn’t want to go for Heineken, and the Paulaner just tastes like xxxx). Anyway. I had a short talk with DJ Chris P and then joined my party crowd, which had moved to the Cali in the meanwhile. Party was hot there as usual, but I was too late for a last beer :-(.

My first seminar at the university – and it was a complete mess. 80 people occupied space in a room which was intended for a maximum of 40 people… That is the trouble if a Professor intents to offer real good teaching, but has not enough resources for sufficient personal. The intentions of the seminar are really great – but I fear that everything will get completely spoiled due to the high number of attendants. But I’d rather not talk about that anymore now.. I met Bianca after lunch at the cafeteria of the university, and got her convinced to help me shopping pullovers and sweat shirts. We also took Peter along, who also wanted to check out the possibility to go for the new telephone-flatrate at the o2shop. Although changing my telephone tariff was not yet possible, we were successful in shopping for clothes. We dropped Peter at the ATU, and decided to cook dinner together.


The stiff neck

Thursday, October 20. 2005

Initially I was up to go out at least for one or two beers yesterday evening, but those plans were crossed by the late problems of day 1 and the journey.. Getting up after some five hours of sleep on Wednesday wasn’t a real problem, but until the evening I recognised, that it wasn’t a good idea to go into excessive dancing on a party after having travelled some 12 hours in a plane and a few hours in a train/car.. So my neck felt like killing me and I could only move it a little bit to the sides anymore.. So I had to stay at home.. But some painkillers, some Mahr U, and a massage from Bianca helped the problem. This morning I had still some problems, but it is a lot better know.


Wednesday, October 19. 2005

Sonnenschein FFMSonnenschein I seem to be quite a lucky guy. On my last in evening in Bamberg, I had the chance, to see a beautiful sunset (well the scenery could be more romantic, but a sunset at least. Now yesterday arriving back in Germany, there was even better sunrise while I was on the train through Frankfurt. Then yesterday night another great sunset while coming back from my parents house to Bamberg. And today, the sun wakes me :-).

Partycipate actionRight now, I’m struggling a little with yesterday’s impressions from the partycipate. The party was just great. While doing my job as a DJ from 8pm to 10:45pm, there was already a moving crowd shortly after 10pm, and though It had been already a long day, I still could find something appropriate to play for them :-). Later I celebrated with my friends just like in the old times (I'll probably get you another short writeup about the party later, after processing my pictures). Felt like never being away, and I didn’t have even to get drunk for that. So most of my worries about how it would be being back in Bamberg were unsubstantiated. Also there are some issues to settle here, I feel safe back here.

I really could use a Nasi Lemak right now.. Well.. won’t go into sentimental stuff how I already miss Malaysia now..

Journey Back

Tuesday, October 18. 2005

Initially I planned to write a longer text for my Blog on the plane – some 12 hours should be enough to get into decent writing. But If you put into regard, that this “working time” would have been in the middle of the night for me, you’ll come to the same conclusion I reached: not a good idea. So I rather enjoyed the late supper and watched the Fantastic Four, and got to sleep afterwards. Thanks to the fantastic Personal of MAS I had almost 3 seats for myself. So I had the chance to stretch out while sleeping, and managed to get a six hours nap. I woke up 5 minutes before the cabin lights went back on again, and later breakfast was served. We arrived some 10 minutes after schedule at the airport, so I could forget about catching the 6:50 train to Bamberg. The German customs also had my luggage controlled, was quite some fun to close my suitcase again afterwards. But they didn’t find anything suspicious, so I could continue my journey home after about 5 minutes of spot checking through my luggage. At least I had the time now to wait for 20 minutes at the Deutsche Bahn Travel center, where the crowd of people was just to overwhelming for some four clerks (actually there were five of them, but one had to take over a supervising role, even slowing down the process some more...). But at the end I got my ticket for the second connection mentioned before to Bamberg. Quite a strange feeling to spend 39 EUR to get home.. But guess I’ll have that problem even more often the next days/weeks. Now the sun shines on my sitting in one of the cabin of the EC to Würzburg (Hope the train will be at least on time, and I don’t have to hurry through the railway station with my heavy luggage). I experienced the sunset while the train stopped at Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof. Sitting in the cabin the sun felt really warming, but the outside temperature while arriving was around 4°C.. some 25 degrees less than in KL.. I will have to get used that again, too.

How everything started

Monday, October 17. 2005

The chapter of me blogging from Malaysia is over now, and I’m on my way on the plane home to Germany, for you to read I have covered how everything started:
I still remember the day, when everything started for me. It the 22nd of February, which a quite cold day. I collected my stuff for the big information systems conference WI2005 in Bamberg. Collecting my stuff I got a call from Lars, who was up to talk about some recent issues and we got into some talking. While we were talking I went shopping to the real supermarket. Somewhere on the way Lars mentioned obiter dictum that a friend of him was looking for someone doing an internship at Siemens Malaysia. He mentioned, since I know a lot of people working for Feki.de e.V.. But as I heard "Malaysia" I somehow felt, that this might be an interesting opportunity for ME. A I thought it over the next day, I got more and more convinced, that I should do that. At the weekend I called Sonja Horn and asked here some details about the internship. Since everything sounded nice, I got my application ready until Monday. Only a few days later I got confirmation that I could start my internship almost immediately. Then the whole progress of getting out of my rental contract etc. started. But I got settled almost all of the issues if I put into regard, that until that day I wasn’t even thinking about doing an internship abroad. And if you read about my adventures abroad you know that I don’t regret my decision!

2 hours to departure!

Monday, October 17. 2005

Thx to my friends Sven, Christian and Ben I was brought to the airport savely (after having some nixe duck for dinner) and now I'm sitting at the international (satelite) terminal of KLIA, using *bux wlan there. My passport already bears a big "Kelular" stamp from imigration, so I guess I can consider my stay abroad as almost over now :-(. So only some 2hours to kill until departure and some 12hours flight that separate me from good old germany.

BTW. I checked in one suitcase with 24.4kg - that's what I call a precision landing.. And the problem was that i almost didn't get all the stuff into the suitcase.. But I'm carrying 3 pieces of hand luggage (only because i still have that Sports-club rucksack for Juliane.. So this might be a problem later boarding the plane.. but we will see..

13 hours to go

Monday, October 17. 2005

It happened last Friday on my Farewell party with my department. I had to give a short speech about what it had been to be in Malaysia. Being quite good in spontaneous speeches I also made great general statement. It was a great great time here in Malaysia, but I no need to look back in grief about everything I won’t have anymore, when I’m back in Germany. Better continue to make the best out of the new experiences. So (like my attentive readers already noticed) I finally shifted the temporal reference point to my arrival back in Germany. And indeed all the signs are already switched to leave. My bank account is closed, my luggage is packed 50%, the last evening activity (Having some duck for dinner) is planned. Train schedule FRA-BA is printed..