Bangkok Day 3 - A short review

Sunday, September 18. 2005

Wat ArunUntil now it has been another sightseeing day at it's best. We started for a boat tour of Bangkok at 9:30 in the morning, headed for the Weekend market in the north of the city at noon, and spend most of the afternoon touring Bangkok's Chinatown. Afterward we went for some shopping at the New Central Plaza, and now we went home to our guest house for a short rest until we will spend the evening at the Goethe institution. We've been invited to an election party there, and hopefully there will be a reason to celebrate..

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Bangkok - Day 2

Sunday, September 18. 2005

JIm Thomson HouseSo, this is the second part of my Bangkok live coverage! Although I honestly got to say that yesterday's story could be more or less told from every tourist to Bangkok. Well - the whole day - but not in the morning. We were a little delayed in our touristic duties (to see all the temples) by the problem that Sebastian accidentally had forgotten his small shoulder bag at the Hard Rock cafe. So we had to head for this destination and try to retrieve it. Arriving there we were told that the bag was indeed found, but that it would take the manager to get it from the office. So we had to wait until 11am.. luckily the Jim Thomson house is just nearby our place - so we had something touristic to spend our waiting time. The house of the American architect - who was in silk business - and vanished at the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia - is interesting to see, because you can learn something of the traditional Thai culture, but unless you are a worshiper of Jim Thomson it is no "must see" in my opinion.

Wat Phra KaewAfter being able to get the bag back, we finally headed for the touristic main spots of the city. Via Sky train it was no problem to reach the main boat pier within a few minutes. We then decided on a Big boat which would offer the chance to use their services the whole day (which indeed would be a nice chance to explore a lot of things in the city - IF you can take advantage of their services from 9am-3pm..).  Anyway, we reached Grand palace and didn't gave the locals the chance to convince us, that the palace would be closed. The temples and buildings at the grand palace are really impressive. (But more details on those sights probablz another time.).

Announcement Board at the local UniversityAfter this sightseeing strolled through the streets, and ended up eating some late lunch / early dinner at a nice backyard beer-garden. Going back to the area of our hotel was a little problem, since the traffic was bad, but we made it in time to our fitting appointment at the tailor. For evening schedule we were really tired and therefore ended the evening having a beer at our guest house lobby.

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Bangkok - Day 1

Saturday, September 17. 2005

Since we have this neat little internet-cafe down in our hotel lobby I can give you the newest details in my holiday in Bangkok live and even before I'm having breakfast. My brother and Sebastian are still getting ready for our sightseeing day today - and i hurried up a little bit, to feed my blog with new information.

We are staying at the Wendy house in Bangkok. Near the Sky Train station "National Stadium" it is probably not the cheapest guest house to stay in Bangkok, but one at a very central location. We are surrounded by the three major shopping malls of the city and the Siam square - were all the students are going out at night is very near. So this was the major activity we did yesterday - check out the surroundings - do a little shopping, and go out for some party at night.

As I probaly told earlier Sebastian had to catch up with us, since he arrived one day later, so our day yesterday was torn apart by his arrival in the early afternoon. Therefore we came back to our guest house and waited here for him, before we started for some shopping at the MBK Mall. We also decided on getting some suits done for us.. but more about this another time.

Still beeing at the tailor we managed to have Carsten, a Siemens employee here in Bangkok who's contact was passed to me by Anne-Barbara (many thanks for that!). He gave us a bunch of uf useful details for the city and we had some beer at the local Hard Rock cafe. But this is another story, which requires more time to tell :-)

Anyway today we will head along the most common sightseeing routes through the city and have a look at this touristical view of Bangkok.

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On the plane to Bangkok

Thursday, September 15. 2005

Finally I get a little quiet time to blog. I'm currently sitting on Airasia Flight AK884 to Bangkok, and this city will be the place of my next adventures in South-East. Together with my brother and Sebastian, who will join us tomorow we are going to tour the capital of Bangkok. Slowly I'm getting into a holiday mood - my lil ipaq is playing "Blue Lagoon - Break my stride" and the stress of the last working days is slowly passing away. Although our flight already collected a delay of an hour I'm quite relaxed (time is not that important this time). I'm also quite faithful, that we will manage to get a hotelm when arriving in Bangkok - since I didn't arrange anything yet.

Thoughts on the election race in Germany

Thursday, September 15. 2005

The very interesting Blog on the election race by the ZDF shows it to me every day “Day X-4”, “Day X-3”, the elections come nearer and nearer. But somehow the Germans seem come down a peg or two once again. Obviously the situation is not bad enough for most of the people to be ready for some change. I found a quite interesting story about taxes at the message board.
Also interesting, that my friend Jan Schmidt made it into the big news once more with his research on weblogs. Since political weblogs where quite a well discussed topic at the current election race. As you can see with my first statement, I belong to a minority – reading a blog about politics on a daily base.. I often wish people would care just a little more about politics in my home country. But I got the unwell feeling that our society simply gets to much into consuming and requesting, than really to think about what is necessary to achieve something. Performance is out! You might even become punished for performing too well – so why bother?
Sorry, that I don’t have time to go into the details this time. But since I’ll spend the weekend in Bangkok my schedule is quite tight right now..

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Next visitor arrived!

Tuesday, September 13. 2005

With some 45 minutes delay my next visitor arrived today! I really should get a provision from the Malay state for bringing that much visitors into their country ;-). Like I already mentioned in several postings this time it is my lil bro visiting, and I’m very glad, that he made it to Malaysia!

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Doing my civil duty – postal vote

Monday, September 12. 2005

I don’t want to keep this pictures from you. Today I was finally able to post my ballot for the election in Germany at the next weekend. I hope my papers reaches their destination Mistelgau/Germany in time.. Unluckily our reception here had some trouble in delivering the ballot paper’s letter to me :-( so everything was delayed here.. the remaining five days might even be a little short for DHL Express Mail service..  

A so-so Sunday

Sunday, September 11. 2005

This posting gets the time reassigned, when it is actually typed - sometime after 1am on Sunday night. I'm now finally back home, and I think the day wasn't that bad at all, as it might have seemed on some occasions.. The whole mess started, when I woke up and realized, that I had treated a little pimple really badly, and that is was now scratched.. But after having a relaxed shower I could quickly help Jens with a computer problem, and felt quite good again. Actually I felt really lucky for the time being since Jens could drop me at university LRT station and saved me some 4-5RM for a cab, On my way I tried to coordinate some activities with the other interns, and everything seemed do be very promising. But in the end it was just me heading form Bukit Bintang to the lake gardens area. But I tried to make the best out of it - walking the whole way down from Bukit Bintang was indeed very interesting. I finally master the bearings in KL now :-). But arriving at the park it had to start to rain.. Well since no one wanted to join me anyway I could quickly change the plans. But the alternative to visit a great night market in Bangsar was not that great at all. Finally meeting someone else (Philipp and a friend) we headed for the market, but it was not even near the expected size. We also met Interns form Daymler -Chrysler and Anja there who were accompanied by local friends. Since it just didn’t feel right there, we left them after a short chitchat. Meanwhile my evening planning’s which would have included a visit to the cinema were devastated. So I decided to go for a short shopping visit to Seksyen 14 (had to head for Asia Jaya anyway..) and at least I had a relaxing beer with Mathias after 10pm. My advice on some issues on his thesis was welcome and we had a nice talk - That really saved the day!