The whole truth about Pimps and Beef

Wednesday, September 28. 2005

I could really spend a great amount of time in front of my dictionaries… there are so many different things to learn. Did you know, that talking about “beef” you could not only have a sort of meat in your mind which is not eaten by tamil people because they consider cows as holy but also refer to a attractive girl. “Beefing around” does not mean to spread meat all over the place but to complain about something in an unfavourable way. While “to beef up” is used synonymous to “to pimp up”. And a pimp should not be confused with the German word “Pimpf” (which means squirt) but be recognized a the man who he is (someone “selling” women). But probably there is not such a big difference at all..

Also learned a nice Spanish word this week, which is “cojón” and means testicle, but the term “tener cojónes” means to have the guts.


Tuesday, September 27. 2005

All of my colleagues who made it to this Island said, that it would be one of the most if not the most beautiful Islands they have ever been to. Unluckily it took me until this weekend to finally get there. On Thursday night we (Madlen, Matthias and me) started with the night bus from Hentian Bus Station (next to the PWTC). On the bus drive out of KL I had the chance to talk to Lars on the phone about our upcoming ventures next week (Lars will hit KL on Wednesday evening), but somewhere in the forests after KL the mobile network denied its services. So I took the opportunity to get some sleep.

Jetty in Kuala BesutWe arrived at the Kuala Besut Jetty at 5 in the morning. And as the early bird catches the worm, a local ferry-salesman was already waiting there and was very eager to sell us some tickets to Perhentian. Our Speedboat left at 7am and we arrived at our hotel on Perhentian shortly after 8am. We couldn't get our room immediately, but we were offered a smaller room for the time being to settle down, and keep our luggage. After having some breakfast (pineapple pancake and te tarik for me), we headed for the beach. The weather was really beautiful and we had some fun with the fish in the water - even without snorkeling gear. Jungle TrekkingSince the bus trip was tiring and hadn't provided too much time to sleep for me, I made this up at the beach. (Since I did this in the hot sun, I had to be a little more careful the next days - at least my sun screener with LSF20 helped to avoid sun burn.) I spent a lot of time reading in the afternoon, and my brother and me engaged in a little jungle trekking to another bay. Chilling out in the evening sun, we were disturbed by a short but decisive rain shower.

In the evening we enjoyed some food from our hotels BBQ - my Tandoori Beef was quite a delight. But it took some time until I could enjoy it, since the service was not one of the fasted, and they had forgotten to serve my meal at first. After a night at the bus we were quite happy to have a real bed to relax, and so we didn't do too much after dinner.

You can honestly say the next morning our trip changed to a siemens interns-team building. Mathias, Christian, Sebastian and Philipp joined us, arriving exactly the same way we did before - only with one day delay. Our plans for this day were very similar to the day before - enjoy the beach! We got us some snorkeling gear and admired the beautiful corals which were available direct at our beach.

For late afternoon we had some sportive activity planed by challenging some locals in playing beach volleyball. After the sun disappeared behind the sister island Perhentian Kecil we started our match. Luckily our teams were mixed with locals and our crew - so we had almost equal strength and playing was real fun. BBQ-Dinner at our place was good as the day before - although the flexibility in combining dishes with different side orders could need some improvement. Really annoying was the lack of available beer, so we had to change our restaurant after dinner. At the next restaurant there was both Tiger and Chang bear available, and I got us some Coke and Ice to mix with our imported Havana Rum - really tasty!
The next morning Madlen was the early bird in getting up: she, my brother and me made it to join a snorkeling trip at 10am. We were taken to 3 different points:

Snorkeling Trip
  • Turtle bay, which appeared to be basically the same beach we had spent most of our time before - but only a little more outside.
  • a place with a beautiful colorful coral reef
  • shark point another reef at the south of the island, where sharks occasional appear.

Relaxing at the BeachAt the Coral Reef we saw a lot of colorful fish and sea life - at turtle point we managed to see a really big turtle, and I gained a glimpse on a small shark at the shark point. The trip was a real enrichment and I wouldn't want to miss it. When we were back at around 1pm, our colleagues were already toasting at the sun again. We checked that there was only the chance to get back to the main land with the last boat at 4pm, so there was only time for a short nap at the beach, and some late lunch afterwards.

Killing time at the airportThe fully loaded speed boat took us back to Kuala Besut very fast, and when we reached the jetty there we were received by some lovely rain.. A little soaked we left the in a old Mercedes cab for Kota Bharu Airport. There we had to kill a few hours of time, because our Air-Asia flight was a delayed by almost an hour. So we had plenty of time to drink coffee there, enjoy some dinner at KFC, or for Mathias, Madlen, Sebastian and Christian to play Skat.

Referer Spam / PPS Directory

Tuesday, September 27. 2005

The last days my blog was somehow spammed by a view sites with a high number of seperate page hits.. Probably a way to spam the Top Referers list, and get an entry there. I took that list offline for the time being.

I can proudly anounce, that I've been finally listed in Project Petalingstreets Public Blog directory. You can rate my site here:

You can rate this blog at The PPS Directory


Saturday, September 24. 2005

It happened. When I started this Blog I was only calculating from the start date of my internship. It was "4weeks to go", "1 day to departure" and then you got reports "after 4 week" or "after 8 weeks". Now I'm already calculating with the day I'll fly back to Germany, which unluckily is in about 3(!) weeks. Although this is an indicator that my thinking should have changed, and i'd be focusing on the day I have to go back to Germany, I somehow can't imagine how it will be back in Germany. I really learned to enjoy Malaysia and all it's opportunities - but probably it is the best to end something when it can't become any better. (I think this is exactly the problem I encountered with going for a second degree - achieving the first was already a great step - it is not possible to get the same feeling of success by getting a second one.)

Anne-Barbara's Farwell dinner/party

Friday, September 23. 2005

All the good things have to end sometimes. A usual way for young Siemens employees is to go abroad for a so called "Infojahr", where they have the chance to learn more about the international aspects of the company. Anne-Barbara was here in Malaysia for here Infojahr, and really had a great time here. Just have a look at her private homepage, and you will see that she was very active. But since it is only a year abroad this year ends just too fast. I have spent this real great evening with Anne-Barbara at the Merdeka Pool Party, and I will miss here being around here. She is for sure a hot-spot in any network. If Anne Barbara is around you can count on a good party, and of course we enjoyed ourselves at her farewell even if the reason was not that happy. Even the Head of Siemens Malaysia Mr. Althoff joined the Party.

Picture Update!

Thursday, September 22. 2005

As you might have noticed, my last articles were spiced up a littel bit by added pictures. After finally cleaning up my hard disk yesterday, I was able to commit a major update to the images in my image! So a lot of older a pictures are finally online, too. So you might want to have a look at the new additions:

And of course all my pictures from Bangkok!

Bangkok Day 4

Wednesday, September 21. 2005

Business DistrictMore Sightseeing? After 3 days in the very vivid city of Bangkok, we were not really up to go for much more – so we only set one major goal – have some drinks at one of the sky bars in Bangkok. We headed for the Banyan Tree Tower Hotel since we got a recommendation that it would be really nice up there. But the difficult task was to find the Hotel at first. The Lonely Planet on Bangkok really isn’t perfect yet… So we got out at the recommended Sky Train station and walked into the wrong direction at first.. And again we were molested by several Thais who wanted to convince us to go for their “massage establishments”.. Better don’t ever stop walking through one of the streets of Bangkok and look for the right direction.. At least none of the usual Tuk-Tuk drivers hung around in Bangkok’s business district.
View from Banyan Tree HotelAfter some 45 minutes walk we finally managed to reach our targeted hotel. Unluckily we had not been aware that it would be real 5* hotel, and that our shorts and sandals would not be wanted to be seen there. But I thought you just go to try and no one even dared to say anything about our inappropriate outfit. The view from the Skybar was really impressive and the cocktails were reasonable priced (230 Baht/each).
Fitting at the TailorAfter enjoying the view we headed back to our Siam square area for a final fitting at our tailor. Only one of my shirts had its buttons a little tight (but that could be fixed easily) and the rest of our suits was fine :-) So we were really relaxed, when we went for some final shopping at the MBK. Around 5pm we headed to the airport, and immediately got annoyed by Airasia, when we arrived there – it took them another 45 minutes to open their check-in counters – although already a huge queue of Chinese Malay people with tons of luggage had formed. Later the plane arrived with a delay (as usual) and when we were finally ready to take off, we had to roll back to the gate cause some system needed checking -> 1hour delay upon our arrival in KL. At least we got one of the “private taxi drivers” who didn’t charge us a midnight surcharge.

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Bangkok Day 3 - The election Party

Tuesday, September 20. 2005

The election party was at the Goethe Institution in Bangkok was quite nice. But somehow the unclear outcome of the election put a shadow on the very social event. Our hosts of the German embassy and the Goethe Institution were really eager to entertain all the guests. Beer and decent German food guaranteed the physical well-being, and I had some nice chats with a few of the participants. Although the hot discussion between Sebastian and my brother was also nice to follow. We left the party (as some of the last guests) shortly before one o’clock.

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