Giga Home Page Award

Tuesday, August 30. 2005

Initially I only wanted to check, how the Registration process would work – then I decided to register, and now I’m on the vote for the Giga Home Page award. So, if you like my site you can vote for it here.

I recieved the email that my Blog Page is on the vote yesterday morning, and so far I could not recognize an increase in the number of visitors here. So I guess there won't be too many people partycipating that vote.. So you can make a difference ;-)

Remark 07.09.05: Since my website had such a great downtime within the voting period, I guess my chances to win anything went completely down the drain...  Thx to all of my friends voting for my page, anyway!


Tuesday, August 30. 2005

FlagI don’t know too many Malay words, but Merdeka is I easily can remember. The meaning of the word is freedom or independence, and it was used in the 1950s and 1960s by the independence movement in Malaysia, which resulted in a independence declaration of Britain at the 31st of August in 1957. Since then the Malay are very proud in celebrating there Merdeka day. This year is already the 48th anniversary, and celebrations are expected as every year. Since a few weeks everything in the country is being decorated with flags, and tonight at midnight some big fireworks at the KLCC will mark the start for the Merdeka celebrations. Then tomorrow Malaysia will celebrate a big parade. (This parade is really important for the Malay people, last week even the air space above KL was closed down, to give the military some time to practice for the flight show… resulting in delays at KLIA ..). Tonight we will be celebrating Mathias birthday near KLCC, so I’ll be at the city for the fireworks. Malaysia boleh!

What do you want to know?

Sunday, August 28. 2005 LS Malaysia

In roughly seven weeks I'll be heading home for Germany - so not toooo much time left here in this beautiful country - but i still got some vacations planed, and so i guess there will be a lot of action the next weeks. So probably not toooo much time to blog. So this is your turn - write a comment to this blog, and request a topic i should cover! It does not have to be local stuff - but if you are curious about something this might be an idea. I'll give you one week to write down your suggestions, and then I will try to cover them. I'm looking forward for this interactive Blog-Session, so please don't hesitate!

The weekend - a short synopsis and some prospects

Sunday, August 28. 2005

Once again I’m posting with a real bad conscious about not getting my readers updated.. but I just couldn’t manage to get some rest to be able to do some posting. The last week I had some really interesting work to do – the first time I really needed to use experience gained through my information systems studies :-)! So I was a little busy at work, and of course I was busy too after work. Friday I was out, Saturday Madlene arrived, and so I was on the road again. And today I’m at the office to finally get some quiet time (But since my boss arrived here some 45 minutes ago, this hope is somehow not fulfilled) But I will try to get Fridays pictures from Mathias, and write a short post when I get them online. There will be a lot of action this week. Juliane has her last day on Tuesday, and we will be busy handing over her tasks, then of course we will have to celebrate her Farewell (on Monday), also on Tuesday is Mathias birthday, and we want to celebrate it at Fred’s place, since it is the evening before Merdeka, and there will be some fireworks at KLCC. Our German colleagues will be leaving for a short break to Germany after Tuesday, so there might also be quite some work. Then from Thursday I will overtake Julianes tasks, which could get me a little more busy, then I am right now.. I’ll keep you updated.

Now playing: Mudvayne - Determined

KLIA Ekspres

Friday, August 26. 2005

Traveling alone a really good way to get into the town is the KLIA Ekspres. The train is build by a subsidiary of Siemens, and runs really well, compared to anything else considered "train" in Malaysia. The Train departs at the 1st floor of KLIA airport and runs directly to KL Sentral (from here you can reach parts of KL downtown by using the monorail (e.g. Bukit Bintang), or using Putra LRT (Chinatown) or even the remote Petaling Jaya. If you are traveling during peak times you might also chose this possibility, since it is really fast, compared to a Taxi which might get stuck in KL-Traffic. You can check the timetable of the train here

Reasons why you can’t generalize on Malay drivers

Wednesday, August 24. 2005 LS Malaysia

They are neither fast nor slow
It might happen that a driver blocks the left lane on the freeway going 50km/h, and at the same time another driver blocks the right lane, overtaking going with 60km/h, although the rest of the road is completely empty. On the other side some kid might want to show you that his tuned Proton Wira makes it from 0 to 100 in less than 20 seconds by fully accelerating in a pedestrian zone.

Some know, some don’t
Asking a driver for the way either offer you a detailed description, and if you are a little slow in understanding actually show you the way with his car – or another drive might guide you directly into the wrong direction

Taking care – or not
Overwhelmed by KL traffic, there are actually driver who would let you change the lanes waving, that you are allowed to join into your desired lane, but I think most of the time you might just try to change the lane aside of an elderly Chinese lady, who is too buy eating some rice while driving, or a Malays family with 3 kids bugging around on the front seat, which would not even notice you.

Review Recharge R3velation Party PD

Tuesday, August 23. 2005

Before blogging on the Party, I gotta apologize to my readers for not bringing my camera along to the above event. But I didn’t feel good about bringing it to a party which necessarily would involve some drinking and dancing. Since I was not very satisfied with the night pictures I got at the party at Passion, I decided, that I’d better just enjoy myself without producing photo coverage.
My friend Goh collected me around half past five at the Condo, and we quickly made our way to PD. Before we went to the Party we had a look at the apartment Goh had organized to stay overnight and also had a some starting beer, and some dinner. When we finally started for the party at around 10 there was already a great crowd moving towards the location. Although many people were about to enter everything went astonishing smooth, and we didn’t have to wait too long at the entrance (but security kinda sucked – I could easily smuggle a can of red bull into the area, without even being bugged about it). Entering, it was already Markus Schulz’s turn at the main area, and it music wasn’t bad at all. I gotta admit, that I can really enjoy some decent trance music, I even fancy some slower and almost monotonous tracks.. The whole Party setup was quite sufficient for a mass event. A adequate light show, adequate chill-out space, and short waiting times at the beverage stalls. But the reason for this were probably the waiting times at the toilets.. For the whole crowd I could only count about 50 Toi-Toi chemical toilets. So in the later evening long waiting times were programmed for both men and women. This clearly killed some of my thirst for beer (Although RM10 for a 0,3l can of Heineken was a fair price imo). Also annoying considering infrastructure were the mobile phone networks, which just collapsed. No chance to get a call or even a SMS out at the festival area – so I didn’t manage to contact my colleagues from Siemens :-(. But I ran into Alison – so at least one more familiar face. We spent time at the party until roughly five o’clock! Since I don’t have picture you might want to have a look at Shaolintiger’s or Tilia’s Blog Posts.

Currently on my playlist - German songs

Tuesday, August 23. 2005

After the newest trance traxx from DJs like Johan Gielen, Goldfish, Markus Schulz and DJ Scot Projekt, some contrast program is necessary. But I got to disappoint my little brother – no Rock, but slow (German music) made it into it:

Wunder – Was hält uns wach
Wunder is a Band from Hamburg, like Kettcar or Fettes Brot, and their songs are quite enjoyable. (Btw, why do I get confronted with Hamburg so often lately?)

Roxette – Church of your heart
I wanted to chose at least one none German song for this list. Listening to a cover version of some Roxette song I was reminded, that I still have the best of compilation on my hard disk. So I chose this great song which was one of the first songs of Roxette I ever listened to, (I had this on my tape, while driving to a 1 weeks stay in England in 1992, and along with the Scorpion`s “Winds of Change”, I listened to it all of the time)

DianeDas Beste
This song has some special charm. Diane’s voice shows some similarity to Anette Lousian, but the song is less playful than her songs, yet full of feeling. It is talking about the subtle things about true love in a relationship.

Yet another song about being together. It distributes a really positive feeling. Together you’re gonna be like gold. Really nice one.

Christina Stürmer – Engel Fliegen einsam
I’m still a little sad, that I missed Christina Stürmer’s concert in Bamberg. The song reminds my a little bit to Jasmin Wagner’s “Helden wie wir”. Somehow the text talks about a missed relationship, and the fate is to stay alone.