Team Meeting at the KLCC

Since a while our team at work has been distributed. My boss is around at both KLCC and CP Tower, Zuraina works at KLCC and I keep the flag flying at CP Tower. So if there is an issue to solve where all of us have to work together we need to chose a place to meet. This time we opted for KLCC, and so I got op early to be there in time. Rush hour traffic at the LRT is really overwhelming.. There are large cues at the stations which are near to town center, and the capacity of the LRT seems not to be sufficient. Luckily Asia Jaya is far enough away from the center to get into the LRT without cueing. But just two stations further the first people didn’t make it in.. Arriving at KLCC was almost like two month ago on Merdeka. The LRT from the other direction arrived at KLCC the same time, most of the people departed at KLCC. It was a interesting feeling to be part of that flow of people heading into Suria KLCC. I arrived almost punctual some minutes pas 8:30am at the 55th floor of tower two. But later it dawned on me that my hurry had not been necessary.. Bosslah didn’t show up at KLCC.. Now I’m back at CP Tower today, but Bosslah seems to hang around at KLCC.. perfect..


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