Anne-Barbara's Farwell dinner/party

All the good things have to end sometimes. A usual way for young Siemens employees is to go abroad for a so called "Infojahr", where they have the chance to learn more about the international aspects of the company. Anne-Barbara was here in Malaysia for here Infojahr, and really had a great time here. Just have a look at her private homepage, and you will see that she was very active. But since it is only a year abroad this year ends just too fast. I have spent this real great evening with Anne-Barbara at the Merdeka Pool Party, and I will miss here being around here. She is for sure a hot-spot in any network. If Anne Barbara is around you can count on a good party, and of course we enjoyed ourselves at her farewell even if the reason was not that happy. Even the Head of Siemens Malaysia Mr. Althoff joined the Party.

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