Bangkok Day 4

Business DistrictMore Sightseeing? After 3 days in the very vivid city of Bangkok, we were not really up to go for much more – so we only set one major goal – have some drinks at one of the sky bars in Bangkok. We headed for the Banyan Tree Tower Hotel since we got a recommendation that it would be really nice up there. But the difficult task was to find the Hotel at first. The Lonely Planet on Bangkok really isn’t perfect yet… So we got out at the recommended Sky Train station and walked into the wrong direction at first.. And again we were molested by several Thais who wanted to convince us to go for their “massage establishments”.. Better don’t ever stop walking through one of the streets of Bangkok and look for the right direction.. At least none of the usual Tuk-Tuk drivers hung around in Bangkok’s business district.
View from Banyan Tree HotelAfter some 45 minutes walk we finally managed to reach our targeted hotel. Unluckily we had not been aware that it would be real 5* hotel, and that our shorts and sandals would not be wanted to be seen there. But I thought you just go to try and no one even dared to say anything about our inappropriate outfit. The view from the Skybar was really impressive and the cocktails were reasonable priced (230 Baht/each).
Fitting at the TailorAfter enjoying the view we headed back to our Siam square area for a final fitting at our tailor. Only one of my shirts had its buttons a little tight (but that could be fixed easily) and the rest of our suits was fine :-) So we were really relaxed, when we went for some final shopping at the MBK. Around 5pm we headed to the airport, and immediately got annoyed by Airasia, when we arrived there – it took them another 45 minutes to open their check-in counters – although already a huge queue of Chinese Malay people with tons of luggage had formed. Later the plane arrived with a delay (as usual) and when we were finally ready to take off, we had to roll back to the gate cause some system needed checking -> 1hour delay upon our arrival in KL. At least we got one of the “private taxi drivers” who didn’t charge us a midnight surcharge.

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