Wild Penthouse parties!

The events of the last days must have lead my to this nights dream. Me being host of a unplanned party in a nice penthouse suit, with a lot of guests just “dropping buy”. And as the atmosphere reaches it’s peak the whole event gets raided by Polis.. I will spare you the details which could probably be considered dirty by certain people..

But Mr. Freud would have had a great time interpreting this dream. He probably would have connected my kissing an “old love” in this dream with the things a lady told me, when she was reading my palm some weeks ago while Christian and Bianca were visiting (I was told that there would be two women in my live – which I already knew at that time, and also connection with them was lose atm I would become engaged with both of them, then marrying one, and still being good friend with the other one).

Although I don’t give anything on such prediction my mind seems to have to work with all of those impressions (failed visit to Luna Bar – which has a nice Penthouse; Police yesterday in Bangsar waiting to raid something).

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