Bangkok - Day 2

JIm Thomson HouseSo, this is the second part of my Bangkok live coverage! Although I honestly got to say that yesterday's story could be more or less told from every tourist to Bangkok. Well - the whole day - but not in the morning. We were a little delayed in our touristic duties (to see all the temples) by the problem that Sebastian accidentally had forgotten his small shoulder bag at the Hard Rock cafe. So we had to head for this destination and try to retrieve it. Arriving there we were told that the bag was indeed found, but that it would take the manager to get it from the office. So we had to wait until 11am.. luckily the Jim Thomson house is just nearby our place - so we had something touristic to spend our waiting time. The house of the American architect - who was in silk business - and vanished at the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia - is interesting to see, because you can learn something of the traditional Thai culture, but unless you are a worshiper of Jim Thomson it is no "must see" in my opinion.

Wat Phra KaewAfter being able to get the bag back, we finally headed for the touristic main spots of the city. Via Sky train it was no problem to reach the main boat pier within a few minutes. We then decided on a Big boat which would offer the chance to use their services the whole day (which indeed would be a nice chance to explore a lot of things in the city - IF you can take advantage of their services from 9am-3pm..).  Anyway, we reached Grand palace and didn't gave the locals the chance to convince us, that the palace would be closed. The temples and buildings at the grand palace are really impressive. (But more details on those sights probablz another time.).

Announcement Board at the local UniversityAfter this sightseeing strolled through the streets, and ended up eating some late lunch / early dinner at a nice backyard beer-garden. Going back to the area of our hotel was a little problem, since the traffic was bad, but we made it in time to our fitting appointment at the tailor. For evening schedule we were really tired and therefore ended the evening having a beer at our guest house lobby.

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