Bangkok - Day 1

Since we have this neat little internet-cafe down in our hotel lobby I can give you the newest details in my holiday in Bangkok live and even before I'm having breakfast. My brother and Sebastian are still getting ready for our sightseeing day today - and i hurried up a little bit, to feed my blog with new information.

We are staying at the Wendy house in Bangkok. Near the Sky Train station "National Stadium" it is probably not the cheapest guest house to stay in Bangkok, but one at a very central location. We are surrounded by the three major shopping malls of the city and the Siam square - were all the students are going out at night is very near. So this was the major activity we did yesterday - check out the surroundings - do a little shopping, and go out for some party at night.

As I probaly told earlier Sebastian had to catch up with us, since he arrived one day later, so our day yesterday was torn apart by his arrival in the early afternoon. Therefore we came back to our guest house and waited here for him, before we started for some shopping at the MBK Mall. We also decided on getting some suits done for us.. but more about this another time.

Still beeing at the tailor we managed to have Carsten, a Siemens employee here in Bangkok who's contact was passed to me by Anne-Barbara (many thanks for that!). He gave us a bunch of uf useful details for the city and we had some beer at the local Hard Rock cafe. But this is another story, which requires more time to tell :-)

Anyway today we will head along the most common sightseeing routes through the city and have a look at this touristical view of Bangkok.

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