Thoughts on the election race in Germany

The very interesting Blog on the election race by the ZDF shows it to me every day “Day X-4”, “Day X-3”, the elections come nearer and nearer. But somehow the Germans seem come down a peg or two once again. Obviously the situation is not bad enough for most of the people to be ready for some change. I found a quite interesting story about taxes at the message board.
Also interesting, that my friend Jan Schmidt made it into the big news once more with his research on weblogs. Since political weblogs where quite a well discussed topic at the current election race. As you can see with my first statement, I belong to a minority – reading a blog about politics on a daily base.. I often wish people would care just a little more about politics in my home country. But I got the unwell feeling that our society simply gets to much into consuming and requesting, than really to think about what is necessary to achieve something. Performance is out! You might even become punished for performing too well – so why bother?
Sorry, that I don’t have time to go into the details this time. But since I’ll spend the weekend in Bangkok my schedule is quite tight right now..

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  1. Life Feel says:

    *SPD : Wer stehen für den Mut zu reformen. Wofür stehen die Andere?

    CDU : 5 Millionen Menschen ohne Arbeit.
    Deutschland bracht den Wechsel.

    Politics... heh

  2. BrotZapfen says:

    *The Rantings And Ravings Of a Mad Man or Election at its worst!

    greetz to MalJaysia!

    PS: I need the pic of the 2 towers from the head of your blog =)

  3. bonscott says:

    *Lots of people are involved in politics at the moment, though not everyone necessarily comes to the same conclusion as you ;-)

    Keeps the election interesting.

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