A so-so Sunday

This posting gets the time reassigned, when it is actually typed - sometime after 1am on Sunday night. I'm now finally back home, and I think the day wasn't that bad at all, as it might have seemed on some occasions.. The whole mess started, when I woke up and realized, that I had treated a little pimple really badly, and that is was now scratched.. But after having a relaxed shower I could quickly help Jens with a computer problem, and felt quite good again. Actually I felt really lucky for the time being since Jens could drop me at university LRT station and saved me some 4-5RM for a cab, On my way I tried to coordinate some activities with the other interns, and everything seemed do be very promising. But in the end it was just me heading form Bukit Bintang to the lake gardens area. But I tried to make the best out of it - walking the whole way down from Bukit Bintang was indeed very interesting. I finally master the bearings in KL now :-). But arriving at the park it had to start to rain.. Well since no one wanted to join me anyway I could quickly change the plans. But the alternative to visit a great night market in Bangsar was not that great at all. Finally meeting someone else (Philipp and a friend) we headed for the market, but it was not even near the expected size. We also met Interns form Daymler -Chrysler and Anja there who were accompanied by local friends. Since it just didn’t feel right there, we left them after a short chitchat. Meanwhile my evening planning’s which would have included a visit to the cinema were devastated. So I decided to go for a short shopping visit to Seksyen 14 (had to head for Asia Jaya anyway..) and at least I had a relaxing beer with Mathias after 10pm. My advice on some issues on his thesis was welcome and we had a nice talk - That really saved the day!


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