"Excursion" to KL Sentral and Bangsar

I initiated a “mailing list” for our new interns this week, and since Anja has some good connection to the Interns of Daimler-Chrysler we decided to go out for some party together. Since a lot of the interns were out for holiday at some islands, it was only 13 of us at peak time, but still a impressive group.. To grab a bite we met at KL Sentral station. Although I planed to be there early, since I knew most of the people in person, I couldn’t make it there in time – thx to my boss who made me to wait for him, and thx to the taxi drivers not willing to stop at the Tiara Damansara Condo. Anyway, I only had a delay of 15 minutes and we found a nice place behind KL Sentral Monorail station for some good valued food. Afterwards we headed for Bangsar by Putra LRT – and unable to find the Oasys Club we ended up at our “favourite” Castle Pub once more for this week. After having a nice chit-chat there some of the Daimler-Chrysler interns headed home and we searched for a club to get into some dancing. Unluckily my favorite hangout, were I ended up several times with Dirk didn’t suit our girls (Hey, it wasn’t my fault that the Gogo-girls danced at the bar exactly atm when we entered.). Well obviously it isn’t too easy to find a clubbing location which suits everyone’s taste.


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  1. cs says:

    *bangsar - jay's neue Heimat? LOL

  2. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *Warum nicht? Kann man gut Party machen dort ;-) Und so ein wenig action zum abspannen ist schon ganz nett :-)

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