Finally! Jürgen running again.

Back in Bamberg I was training for the Weltkulturerbelauf 2005, but then “unluckily” couldn’t take part because of my Internship in Malaysia, and stopped training. I didn’t bring my running shoes to Malaysia, because I didn’t think that I would be running in the real hot climate, but later decided that I should really do some sport here (besides a little splashing around at the swimming pool) and bought some running shoes some month ago in Singapore. Then I was kind of busy travelling around the country with Christian and Bianca and then the haze made it impossible to even think about doing sports outside. So until this morning I couldn’t really take advantage of my sports gear. But today I finally got up early and jogged around the condo! I only held out 35 minutes, but I don’t consider it a bad start. Now I hope that I can keep it up!


  1. Sports – Part 1 – Jogging reloaded

    After watching a 1.80m and 130kg guy at MTVs “Make”, I honestly had to think about my personal physical fitness. Guess it isn’t that bad at all, since I didn’t have problems skiing last week. But you can ski a lot without efforts, if you are a little expe


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