Groove Coverage – Using the Scooter Phenomenon?

The golden Years of eurodance and dancefloor music have only very few survivors, most of the groups successful due to the early nineties already have vanished. I only know one group who could constantly build up on their success – Scooter. Indeed they had their real breakthrough with a number one hit at the German top 100 single charts some years after the boom was already gone (this hit was a cover of Peter Maffay’s Tabaluga Theme song “Nessaja”). And Scooter is still on the move, with a new single release at October 14th.. Now they seem to have some real competition, with Groove Coverage, who are on a similar way. They are recycling catchy melodies and mix them to state of the art dancefloor music (which still seems to have a market share). Their newest song is called “Holy Virgin” and takes use of an old eighties melody by the legendary group EAV. (I saw EAV live a few years ago, while they played at the Maisel's Weißbierfest in Bayreuth.) The song is imho nothing special, and can not catch up with their greatest successes (Moonlight Shadow, Poison, God is a DJ). Btw. If you ever wanted to know more about the roots of “God is a Girl”, read here. Beeing an old Roxette fan (With “How do you do” being my first cd) I now know why “God is a Girl” is one of my favourite songs..

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