Merdeka Pool Party – Part 1 (misc thoughts on Merdeka)

KLCCSpeaking of politics in Malaysia the Merdeka day is the most important day every year for the Malay. Although the country might be a little torn inside through racial problems, the Merdeka day is the symbol for the Malaysian independence, and all people of Malaysia are part of that. During the last weeks everything got very patriotic – all buildings got flags, many many cars were also decorated with flags. As a gift for everyone all shops did their part to support the people, too: Sales! Shopping really is a community thing here in Malaysia. I don’t know what are the exact reasons, that make Malay people to spent that much time in shopping centers, but obviously the like to see what Malaysia can do?! (Malaysia Boleh!). So everyone was prepared for the big event. In KL the beginning of Merdeka day is celebrated on two big places. One is the Merdeka square and the other one is just behind KLCC, so just before Midnight there will be a big gathering there and there are two(!) fireworks to celebrate the beginning of the day at midnight.
The day before Merdeka Day was also Mathias birthday, and there was a party planned at Fred’s house, Sven managed to team up this two parties, that we could have one big party at Fred’s house! The 30th was also Juliane’s last working day, and the day where our SEAGI colleagues where about to travel back to Germany – so Juliane and I got into a little action at work. Most of our friends were about to leave for the party around 6:30pm, but at that time Juliane and me were still waiting for our boss to return from some meeting.. anyway, we finally left at 7:30 w/o Juliane meeting our boss again. We took the LRT into the city, and I was impressed by the logistic the Malay involved to ensure a good celebration. Since everyone was heading for downtown KL, the LRT used its max capacity with two trains per segments. To prevent bottle necks, at the exits, only manual tickets were issued, and a huge workforce of people was collecting them at the exit. Reaching the exit at KLCC (unfortunately I chose the wrong one and we had to walk around the whole KLCC), there were quite some people on the street. And the twin towers somehow just seemed to shine a little brighter than usual. On our 15 minutes walk to Fred’s house there were also a lot of people on the road, a big part of downtown KL was closed for traffic, and vendors had set up their stalls at the roadside.


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