FlagI don’t know too many Malay words, but Merdeka is I easily can remember. The meaning of the word is freedom or independence, and it was used in the 1950s and 1960s by the independence movement in Malaysia, which resulted in a independence declaration of Britain at the 31st of August in 1957. Since then the Malay are very proud in celebrating there Merdeka day. This year is already the 48th anniversary, and celebrations are expected as every year. Since a few weeks everything in the country is being decorated with flags, and tonight at midnight some big fireworks at the KLCC will mark the start for the Merdeka celebrations. Then tomorrow Malaysia will celebrate a big parade. (This parade is really important for the Malay people, last week even the air space above KL was closed down, to give the military some time to practice for the flight show… resulting in delays at KLIA ..). Tonight we will be celebrating Mathias birthday near KLCC, so I’ll be at the city for the fireworks. Malaysia boleh!


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