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In roughly seven weeks I'll be heading home for Germany - so not toooo much time left here in this beautiful country - but i still got some vacations planed, and so i guess there will be a lot of action the next weeks. So probably not toooo much time to blog. So this is your turn - write a comment to this blog, and request a topic i should cover! It does not have to be local stuff - but if you are curious about something this might be an idea. I'll give you one week to write down your suggestions, and then I will try to cover them. I'm looking forward for this interactive Blog-Session, so please don't hesitate!


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  1. shiela says:

    *hi.. im working with someone from mannheim.. n he intended to open up a company here. since ur here, in malaysia. do u mind helping in some things. PLS, if its ok with u, do reply 2 mail ok. shiela_jaafar@yahoo.com

    i need 2 rush, so i couldnt write much, n read everything uve sent!! ..danke? (i dont know any word in german language)

  2. Robert says:

    *Hey Jürgen,

    Could you write an article about things that can be bought to a cheaper price than in Germany (so that i can perhaps order some things from you).


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