The weekend - a short synopsis and some prospects

Once again I’m posting with a real bad conscious about not getting my readers updated.. but I just couldn’t manage to get some rest to be able to do some posting. The last week I had some really interesting work to do – the first time I really needed to use experience gained through my information systems studies :-)! So I was a little busy at work, and of course I was busy too after work. Friday I was out, Saturday Madlene arrived, and so I was on the road again. And today I’m at the office to finally get some quiet time (But since my boss arrived here some 45 minutes ago, this hope is somehow not fulfilled) But I will try to get Fridays pictures from Mathias, and write a short post when I get them online. There will be a lot of action this week. Juliane has her last day on Tuesday, and we will be busy handing over her tasks, then of course we will have to celebrate her Farewell (on Monday), also on Tuesday is Mathias birthday, and we want to celebrate it at Fred’s place, since it is the evening before Merdeka, and there will be some fireworks at KLCC. Our German colleagues will be leaving for a short break to Germany after Tuesday, so there might also be quite some work. Then from Thursday I will overtake Julianes tasks, which could get me a little more busy, then I am right now.. I’ll keep you updated.

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